Downfall, by Deborah Teller Scott


TITLE:  Downfall


AUTHOR: Deborah Teller Scott

SUMMARYIt was suDownfallpposed to be a quiet holiday on the south coast of England, away from the chaos of a London buzzing about the biggest murder trial in decades. But for Detective Inspector Michael Dachemont, nicknamed “Dashing Dachemont” by a dreamy-eyed reporter, it turns out to be anything but quiet when, just after meeting a lovely but troubled young woman on the beach, he is called in to investigate an apparent robbery attempt. What at first appears to be a minor incident soon becomes much more. The twists and turns in the case, along with the assortment of eccentrics he encounters as he tries to separate fact from fiction, prove challenging and require him to muster all his Yard training as well as all his patience and self-control. In the end, not only does he sort out the maze of intrigue but Inspector Dachemont finds himself caught in another and decidedly more agreeable web.

BACK STORYHaving read all of the novels I could find by writers like Ngaio Marsh and Agatha Christie, I realized that there is a dearth of new stories of the kind I grew up with, written usually by English women who combined romance and humor with a mystery solved by a detective who, besides being clever, was often handsome yet refreshingly modest, the kind of man many women still find attractive and enjoy spending time with on the journey to a satisfying denouement. I first came up with the general story months before actually putting it on paper…or, in this case, on computer. It took only a few days to write, but went through several revisions before the final version was ready for publication.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ THIS: The fun here, besides Scott’s delightful cast of eccentric characters, is the mental exercise of sorting out the killer among them. In the process, she manages to make some subtle points about the undeniable intersection of crime, the media, and the popular culture.

Deborah ScottABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah lives contentedly in southern Oregon with a menagerie of rescue animals and a small circle of delightful friends. Besides keeping busy with a part-time job and satisfying, community-enriching activities, she enjoys writing stories that appeal to readers who miss the comfortable, pleasant style of story-telling that was common in simpler times. Her period novel titled The Bell Tower will soon be republished exclusively for Kindle. Available on Amazon are her modern mystery novel in print, Deathbed of Roses, and also two anthologies to which she contributed —“The Man Across the Table” in Gratitude With Attitude and “Lessons Grady Taught Me” in Pets Across America.

WHY THIS TITLE: In keeping with the gently whimsical dark humor of the book, this is a clever play on words. you’ll see.


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Dargrace: “Clean, charming mystery. I enjoyed this quick read a lot. The story flowed easily and the characters held my interest.”

DL: “This is a nice murder story, in the Agatha Christie style, but “nice” doesn’t translate here into boring. Scott puts her dashing detective smack in the middle of a strange galaxy of characters that leave him amused and, at timers, baffled ― but not so confused that he doesn’t ultimately solve the crime. A fun read.”

Luv2Read: “Well written – the story kept my interest throughout. Surprising twists and turns in plot. Hope to read more by this author. Definitely recommend.”

Lora: “Really enjoyed the plot, it kept my interest right down to the end.”

WHERE THE BOOK CAN BE PURCHASED: Downfall is available in the Kindle store at for $2.99.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Deborah enjoys interacting with readers. Her e-mail is

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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