1. Oklahoma Ghost Dance


Oklahoma Ghost Dance

THE BOOK: Oklahoma Ghost Dance.


THE AUTHOR: Jeff Wilson.

THE EDITOR: Becky Hawksley

THE PUBLISHER: Createspace

SUMMARY:  AJeff wilsonnthony Motavato’s life was shattered forever on the morning of April 19, 1995 when he lost his beautiful daughter. Unable to cope with his new reality, Anthony left town and has drifted on the lonely fringes of alcoholism in the years since the tragedy. Realizing his time is short, Anthony finally returns home to face the family he left behind. As he tries to regain his faith and make peace with the people that still love him, he is pulled into the tapestry of lies surrounding the deadliest act of domestic terrorism on United States soil. The only way he can find the forgiveness he seeks is by reliving it all over again. Oklahoma Ghost Dance takes you into the darkest places of imagination. From a plot born within the ashes of the Waco massacre, it slowly untangles historic events surrounding the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing. Jeff Wilson, author of the highly acclaimed novel, Queen Anne’s Revenge, weaves a haunting story of love, heartbreak and redemption.

THE BACK STORY: I watched the footage of the Oklahoma bombing minutes after it happened. I have family in Texas and have traveled through Oklahoma City many times over the years. I went down and saw the building before they hurried up and imploded it along with all the evidence. Over the years I have followed the story and began to realize the “Official” account did not add up. I have spent over fifteen years researching this novel to make it as historically accurate as possible.

WHY THIS TITLE?: I picked this title in reference to the sacred Ghost Dance-which is an important part of the novel.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT: I feel this is an important part of American history. The real truth has never been told. I think the victims and their families deserve to be remembered and the people responsible held accountable.


1. Oklahoma Ghost Dance is a heartbreaking love story based on a true historic event.

The book begins with a letter from Lonely Bear, a mystic healer and the main narrator of this amazing story. It gives an ominous warning that there will be a price to pay for learning the truth. This book holds nothing back! It starts in Waco, Texas where the bombing plot originated as the siege of the Branch Davidian compound comes to a fiery end. Each chapter brings strange players that helped plan and complete the tragedy of April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City. The Author uses a fictitious character, Jericho Daniels, to piece the well-researched plot together. In the aftermath, the main character Anthony Motavato’s story comes into focus. Instead of treading on the victims privacy, a composite family is used to show the consequences of the bombing. It is a touching story of love and loss that is filled with more information then has ever been disclosed before. I believe it will resonate with a positive light to those that have experienced the loss of a loved one as I have. This novel takes many chances that pay off in good way for the reader. As the narrator changes, so seems the style of the book.

Not too many books can pull this off in suchan effective way. I was a young mother raising a family when the bombing happened. My memory was limited to a few brief news clips before the media began ignoring the entire terrorist act. I learned so much history reading this and was able to learn why it happened. It is a truly original story with unforgettable characters that keep you awake at night. It is sad that the real people responsible got away with the murder of so many innocent people including children.

This is only one of the topics the book exposes without knocking the readers over the head with useless facts concerning the cover up. The viewer is allowed to make up his or her own minds about what happened that day, without being preached to. I think it is incredible that the truth is finally out as to who was involved. The book answers every question from who John Doe #2 is. to why the bombing was covered up so quickly. Unfortunately, this book is not for everyone. If you are seeking a fluff-piece or time killer, it is best to pass on this one. I highly recommend this great work of fiction even though it is a very controversial. Oklahoma Ghost Dance exposes the “official narrative” for the fraud that it is. This is an important story that should be on everyone’s reading list that cares about truth and justice. Like the book states in the prologue, once you know the truth, there is no turning back. Some scars will never heal.

2. An important story told in a gripping manner.

Although it was two decades ago, I vividly recall the events at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the horrific slaughter of the Oklahoma City bombing, so I was fascinated by the detailed account of this most deadly act of domestic terrorism. The anti-government, paramilitary movement was in full swing and the author takes you inside that strange, violent world to spend time with the people who reside there. The fringe people who populate those groups, their brittle personalities, their insecurities, the childhood abuse they suffered; born losers seeking a purpose in life and who end up in these quite pathetic, but extremely dangerous, “families.” It’s an important story, and appears very well-researched. I learned a lot of things I was previously unaware of, including possible cover ups by government agencies. But in the end, the sad and poignant journey Anthony Motavato and other family members of little Jaci Rae must take after her demise in the bombing truly grips the reader. I was left identifying with their sorrow and pain.

3. I really enjoyed this suspenseful novel.

I really enjoyed this suspenseful, thoughtful novel about the events before and after the Oklahoma City bombing, I found the research to be very thorough but in no way taking away from the depiction of both real people and fictional characters who represent some of people most affected by the bombing. The steady, suspenseful pace will keep you involved all the way through.

AUTHOR PROFILE: I am a life-long resident of independence, Missouri. I am the father to three amazing children. I have been writing for over thirty years and also enjoy poetry and photography. Oklahoma Ghost Dance is my second novel. Queen Anne’s Revenge a historic adventure is my first novel.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: I spent twenty years following this story and researching the facts in the case. I feel it is an important story that needs to be told.


LOCAL OUTLETS: Novella’s Bistro

WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & noble, etc.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: jeffwilson2112@aol.com

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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