Double Identity

THE BOOK: Double Identity.


THE AUTHOR:  Jaye C Blakemore

THE EDITOR: Judith Jordon

THE PUBLISHER:  Outskirts Press.

SUMMARY: Identical Twins and Secret Lives…with Deceit, Murder, and Revenge! A passionate romance between charismatic French vintner Cecile Cardin and elusive billionaire art collector Paul Allenwerth leads to the birth of beautiful twins Gillian and Julianne, who are separated at the age of three during a mysterious divorce, and raised in completely different environments: Julianne absorbs the life of a small French winery, and Gillian lives in lonely luxury in New York City. Cecile and Paul take their shocking secrets to their graves…but they also leave their daughters with great wealth, an empire to run, and a strongbox that reveals a legacy they could never have imagined. As Julianne and Gillian learn of their parents’ past, and a family history steeped in unimaginable courage and tragedy, they must come to terms with the gifts and challenges that their parents have bequeathed to them, while making their way as independent women in the changing world of the 1970s. Only one twin will have the perfect life…but both will skyrocket through incredible journeys. Double Identity is a richly characterized, inventive thrill ride with plenty of suspense and romance!

THE BACK STORY:  I was traveling and as I went to bed this story started to come to me.  I laid in bed and the more I thought of this story the more in depth it became. I finally had to get up and start writing everything down.

The more I wrote the more that just came. Three months and 97,000 words later I had completed my first novel.  I am asked so often: Isn’t that a big book?  I had to put so much detail into every part of the novel, I truly wanted the readers to be able to envision exactly what my mind was seeing. Now, at the same time I had only expected the readers to be myself and maybe my family.

I became so involved with the characters I started to feel like they were a real part of my life. I even talked of them to family and friends and would try to explain what they were up to.


WHY THIS TITLE? The title came to me at the same time the book/story idea did.  I knew from the day I first started writing it the name, I also did something I do not hear from fellow authors I am friends with, I had the book cover created early on and looked at the cover daily.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: This book earned Jaye Blakemore the “Best New Author” award from the Dionisio “Best Of” Awards. Wrote one of the judges: “Jaye C. Blakemore is exceptionally talented and from a man who does not typically finish most murder mysteries due to constrained, traditional plots this book was remarkable because both the romance and actual murder itself supplemented this great story telling rather than defined it which is a refreshing new realm of innovation for contemporary novels. Double Identity is magically entwined with twists and turns of an imaginative, creative writer as the story is told from two character’s (twin sisters) points of view. Authentic character development, mystery, romance, passion with an unexpected ending made it wonderfully entertaining”.


DOUBLE IDENTITY is a one-sitting book, or at least you’ll try to read it in one sitting (it is 318 pages long!). You won’t want to put this one down. From page one, I was captivated!  Two twin girls, Julianne and Gillian, are separated at age three and eventually inherit a family fortune, along with a host of family secrets. Though twins, they have grown up differently and thus apply themselves differently to the world, and to the fortunes, and misfortunes, which await each.

Jaye C. Blakemore captures the times brilliantly—the 1970s. Her verse pulled me into the page and kept me there. Characterization is tremendous. I’ve read a lot of books lately, and this plot is truly unique. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in recent years.”  — Frank Scozzara.

“Just awesome, I loved it. I don’t read story type books much, I normally read self help but being I know the author I wanted to read what she had written. Boy was I surprised, I stayed up all night reading it and just loved it. I felt like I knew each and every character well by about half way through. I am so looking forward to her next book which I know she has all ready written, hehe I was blessed to be able to design the cover for her so getting to know the book and the characters was very important. I really could not believe what an awesome writer she is. Kudos my friend you did a fantastic job on this wonderful book.” — Elsie Roach.

“Wow; in this day and age with so many pressures from all sides, there is NOTHING like curling up with a book to take you away from it all. As a writer, I tend to read everything with either a weary contempt or a burning envy…but every now and then, you read something with sheer exhilaration, because you’re just so happy a piece of art is out there in the world for everyone to enjoy. 🙂 The characters are complex as is the plot, which will keep you on your toes (one of those “Okay, it’s two AM and I’m just going to read ONE more chapter…k, it’s 2:45AM…” (you get the idea) until you get to the “WHOA DID NOT SEE THAT COMING” ending!!”

I know what I’m getting for stocking stuffers and/or Secret Santa gifts; I know what I’m recommending to people for the same. Thanks Jaye C. Blakemore for reminding us all reading is an adventure to be cherished!!

I don’t normally write reviews BUT felt the need for this one. I’m super picky on books and this one kept me intrigued. The pace was fast and kept me guessing. Turning the pages was easy because the words created such vivid images and I felt like I was watching a movie! MUST READ!

A good read! Without revealing too much: the author plays a nice game with misleading the reader in his expectation how the story will go on. After about a fifth of the book I thought I know what would come – but I failed. Parts of the story reminded me on Fifty Shades but the plot of the story is much different. As the ‘art of writing’ of the author is awesome to read and easy to follow, I surely can recommend this book.

AUTHOR PROFILEJaye C. Blakemore has always enjoyed her vivid imagination, which has enhanced her enjoyment of travel, allowing her to relate deeply to the places and sights she has encountered across the United States. She has visited every state capital and many Civil War battlefields, as well as Arlington National Cemetery. Jaye C began writing Double Identity in hotel rooms at night during her travels, and before she knew it, writing was her new passion and vocation. Jaye C also enjoys live theatre, stargazing, fishing, and outdoor adventures. She is currently working on two more books, and looks forward to connecting with her readers.

AUTHOR COMMENTS:  I have had more fun both writing and promoting Double Identity.  Most new authors that I have spoken with tell me promoting is a lot of work, I have however found it is an in creatable journey.  I have met some of the most wonderful people along the way, had I not written the book who knows if I would have met the people I have.


 LOCAL OUTLETS:  Book Garden 559-592-2538 keeps autographed copies in stock


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 PRICE: Paperback 21.95  hardback 29.95  e-book on Amazon 3.99.


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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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