THE BOOK: Sirocco.


THE AUTHOR: Danielle A. Dahl.

THE EDITOR: Critique Partners; Beta Readers; my agent, Amanda Wells; Mary Buckam, USA Today bestselling author; my publisher, Coffeetown Press.

THE PUBLISHER: Coffeetown Press,

SUMMARY: The Algerian War of Independence begins in 1954, forever changing the lives of the French colonials, including 10-year-old Nanna and her family. The conflict lasts for 8 years, but despite the constant threat of terrorist attacks, Nanna confronts the usual challenges of growing up—helping to raise her spirited siblings, struggling with math, and defying her harsh father by falling in love.

THE BACK STORY:  Writing Sirocco was not an idea that suddenly popped out of nowhere, but a growing need to tell the stories of my growing up with my brothers and sisters, of our adventures and misadventures. A need to paint the breathtaking vistas of the land of my birth, share the uniqueness of its people, and recount the life of a French girl coming of age in a country torn by a war of independence

WHY THIS TITLE?  Sirocco is the searing wind that, in season, blows howling sand from the Sahara desert, scouring the landscapes of North Africa. It is presaged by grandiose fiery sunsets. Fire

that reflects the convictions, spirit, and pride of the men and women who struggled to keep the land their ancestors won through sacrifices and hard work.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT:  Sirocco brings to its readers a view of a little-known part of world history and political environment, which presents so many parallels to our modern world of fear, repression and terrorism.


“Sirocco is the riveting account of the author’s youth during the Algerian War for Independence (1954-1962), and it is the first English-language novel from the Pied-Noir community. Dahl paints a loving and nostalgic image of Algeria but does not spare the reader from the confusion, chaos and violence of war. The beauty of the text comes from the gradual shift in perspective from child to young adult as Nana begins to understand the complexity of the conflict in Constantine. Her cohesive story is smattered with French and Pied-Noir expressions, authentic scenes, and vivid descriptions of the characters in her life. She transports us to a traumatic period that has long been silenced in France and that has only begun to be uncovered in the last decade.” — Amy L. Hubbell, Lecturer in French, The University of Queensland

“Mesmerizing. Poignant. Bittersweet. Richly evocative writing that places you deep in the world of war-torn Algeria. A stunning debut author to watch.” — Mary Buckham, USA Today bestselling author

“With brilliant storytelling, we are drawn into the world of a French-Algerian family during the civil war. Lush language and skillful rendering of this world create a story you won’t be able to put down. Dahl’s memoir Sirocco teaches us about another culture and the history of a time and a place—and most of all, you will meet a family you will never forget.” — Linda Joy Myers, author of Power of Memoir and Don’t Call Me Mother

“Sirocco is a true gem. The story is original, different from so much out there now, and finely crafted as a good storyteller would. I learned about a part of the world I knew nothing about through the eyes of a child growing up in a world of conflict and beauty. A joy to read.”

“This book engaged my heart, my mind and made me think about things outside my own, comfortable little world. Somehow, Mrs. Dahl captures your attention and writes the novel in a very fluid manner, despite the unpredictability and instability, which was her childhood. Compelling and palpable.”

AUTHOR PROFILE: A fourth generation French settler in Algeria, Danielle A. Dahl was born and raised in Constantine, where she came of age during the Algerian War of Independence. A week before Algeria celebrated self-rule and just before Danielle turned eighteen, she and her family fled their home and took refuge in France. Eight years later, she moved to the United States, where she studied commercial art. She and her husband lived in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Illinois before retiring to South Carolina.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: Hopefully, Sirocco will help readers understand that, unlike the hardcore, uncompromising extremists whose weapon of choice, is terror, the majority of people indigenous to a culture like that of Algeria are hard-working, peaceful, humble beings who only wish to feed their families and practice their faith without coercion and in harmony with each other and the world at large.


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