Walking With Trees

THE BOOK: Walking With Trees.



THE EDITOR: Anne Davis McMullen.

THE PUBLISHER: Authorhouse, Authorhouse.com, Bloomington, IN.

SUMMARY: Urged by the ancient wisdom of trees, the author moves through a reflective journey of the natural and the man made, the innate and the learned. Through signs, symbols and messages, the polarities are woven together into a timely and sensitive message for a new paradigm. A poetic narrative leads the reader into the magic, wonder and mystery of nature, the forest and the luminosity of one’s one being.

THE BACK STORY: It all began with a raccoon and a move to a sacred piece of land, which forever changed my life for the better. The actual writing began in May of 2004, months before Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami of December 2005.It grew, practically on its own, from a journal, scraps of paper I had written notes on over the years and recordings I made after realizing I should keep track of what I was experiencing; especially when my experiences were being verified by outside events, people and information that was coming my way in a synchronized and connected fashion.

“It all began as a seed, long ago when I was a child growing up in rural North Carolina. I often roamed the woods and adjacent fields in those days, free and solitary, often not returning home until well after dark, much to my mother’s chagrin. It was pure magic.

“Much of what I felt, heard and sensed in those days was shelved away as I grew into my teens. It lay dormant for many years until I came to live on sacred land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Now, in retrospect, it is clear to me that a series of events led me back to walking with the trees.”

WHY THIS TITLE? The title for this book came from a vision I had of actually walking with the trees. I saw myself coming over a large green hill, hand in hand with huge, gnarled, old trees. They were laughing and would occasionally lift me up and swing me so my feet left the ground. I felt as though I could fly. I was totally safe and filled with limitless joy and peace. This vision came at a time when my life seemed anything but, and so it gave me the internal knowing that I required to start listening again — to the sound of water trickling over the rocks, fireflies in flight, snow as it fell and the ancient, wise whispering of the trees. Walking With Trees is a record of this journey. I like to say to those who call it my book, “I was the vehicle that allowed it to come through.”

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? For the joy of it, a peaceful easy read that one can pick up on any page at any time. I’ve had readers tell me that they have read it more than once and often keep it by their bed or other handy place, a constant reminder that there is something still amazing and wonderful about the world we live in and are sometimes prone to forget.


“It is an amazing story —  touching and real on every page — that is universal and speaks to the language of love and connection.” — Kay Montgomery, music imagery facilitator.

Walking With Trees is a remarkable work. I read it last night and remain impressed with its mysticism, its introspection, its resolve, its deep understanding, its gentle kindness and its structure. I’ve never read anything quite like it before.” — Dan Smith, author and editor.

“A wonderful book … poetic, profound, a work of tender significance. The book is a treasure. Dare I state out loud that it of the magnitude of Thoreau’s writings?” — E-mail from reader.

“Lowe’s book Walking With Trees describes her simplified life among the imperiled woods of Bedford County  Long attuned to the call of trees, Lowe decided to “cut off the TV and the AC,” open her windows and ears, and listen to the quiet rustling.” — Lisa Field, columnist, Roanoke Times.

AUTHOR PROFILE: “I grew up in rural North Carolina and now reside near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Although this is my first published book, I have been writing since childhood, incuding short stories, essays and poetry. (I have a Tupperware container filled with matchbook covers, scraps of paper, pretty much whatever was handy to scribble on, going back to childhood).

“I have had poems published in some small publications, an essay on NPR’s Website ‘This I Believe” and currently post my work on my blog at walkingwithtrees.com — a work in progresses, as there is no high speed Internet here. I might add that there is no cell phone of television reception either.

“On some level, I feel Walking With Trees is incomplete, as I have a ton of notes and pages … and the journey continues on. I am still learning and processing my experiences here … and am still amazed almost daily. Perhaps at some point I will werite the sequel, titled Deeper Into the Woods.”

AUTHOR COMMENT: “The trees are talking, and I am not the only one listening.”

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Available on Amazon.

WHERE TO BUY IT: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Authorhouse.

PRICE: $7.94 — $14.49.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Via e-mail, fbrcmg@gmail.com, or through her blog.




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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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