Sky: Child Interrupted

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THE BOOK: “Sky: Child, Interrupted.”

PUBISHED: July 2015.

AUTHOR: William Dale West.

EDITOR: William Dale West.

PUBLISHER: Econo Publishing Company.

SUMMARY: Sky: Child, Interrupted is a memoir of my family’s nightmarish experience with Child Protective Services after they had snatched away our daughter, Sky. She was 2 and a half years old at the time. It’s a multi-emotional, funny, sad but crazy love story with the primary focus being … “Will this mismatched, kooky, but likable couple be able to save their marriage and regain custody of their daughter while battling a powerful system of corruption?”

William Dale WestBill’s wife Rinska, unbeknownst to CPS, is a former NYC erotic dancer with severe anger issues. But she also has a sweet side and talks of God and Love and rainbows. Bill has severe Asperger’s Syndrome, though neither he nor Rinska ever become aware of this throughout the story. Rinska thinks Bill is just a wimp who refuses to stick up for himself, but gradually teaches him by example.

Bill becomes unintentionally impaired on the medication he was taking for an excruciating toothache, drives and causes an auto accident with Sky in the car. Child Protective Services erroneously labels Bill as a drug addict, therefore unfit to be a dad and takes custody of Sky. And so the bitter battle with CPS begins.

THE BACK STORY: I wrote this book partly to tell my side of the story, certainly, but more importantly, to give Sky a detailed, honest and straightforward account of what happened to her as a toddler and exactly why and how it happened. Though Sky was only 2 and a half at the time she was taken, it was important to me to be able to give Sky her own voice, thus allow the reader to feel the heartbreak she was experiencing by suddenly being snatched from a loving home with her mom and dad and placed among total strangers.

WHY THIS TITLE? My number one inspiration during the writing of this book was Susanna Kaysen and her heartfelt memoir, Girl, Interrupted.  I won’t claim to have Susanna’s level of talent as a writer, but these two books have a multitude of similarities, (some coincidental, others, not so much. ) Both books are an 18-month case study of a seemingly unnecessary interruption of a person’s life, Sky as a toddler and Susanna as a teenager. Also, both books are written in the same format of multiple essay-styled chapters. Another similarity is that both books are interspersed with actual documents from our individual cases.

I pay tribute to Susanna by briefly writing her into the story and then designing the first paragraph of my final chapter to correlate to the first paragraph in her final chapter. Actually, the two paragraphs have about eight distinct correlations including 3 sentences that make up a total of exactly 75 words. Susanna is also noted in the Sources at the beginning of my book and in the Acknowledgments at the end.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO BUY THIS? Perhaps some people are just an inch too short and need something to stand on to reach the top of their cupboards. Others, may be fans of emotional roller coasters with bittersweet conclusions that leave you with a smile as tears are rolling down your cheeks.

REVIEWS: So far this book has received 8 reviews. Six are 5 Stars Reviews, one is 4 Stars and one got a 1 Star with that person simply commenting “Disturbing” which I’ll take as a compliment knowing that my book at least had some sort of an effect on him or her.

Other comments on Amazon and elsewhere include “Kept me up til 4 AM just to cry my eyes out at the amazing ending”; “Emotionally gut-wrenching!” “My new favorite book” “An amazing true story of love that will touch your heart” “An emotional and eye opening experience” “Mind-blowing good book” “Gritty, real, clever and brash” “A riveting reading experience that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.”

AUTHOR PROFILE:  Born and raised in small-town Maine, a hippie-child of the 60’s, guitar player and songwriter, now middle-aged ( if I live to be a hundred and thirty ). Three daughters, 2 are adults, 5 grandchildren with whom I spend a lot of time with camping, hanging out and pleading with them to put their damn phones down and read my book!

WHERE TO BUY IT: An Author Profile pertaining to my book, sample Chapters and a Back Cover Blurb of Sky: Child Interrupted are available on Amazon at  where you can purchase a copy as an ebook, audio, paperback or hard cover edition. Also available on Barnes and Noble.



CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Follow me, if you’d like, on Twitter at skythebook15 and on Facebook at bill.west.5076 or my Facebook Page at SkyChild15 where you can read a Detailed Overview of my story and /or give the page a Like.

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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