This Way Up


THE BOOK: This Way Up:  Seven Tools for Unleashing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life.

PUBLISHED IN: April 2016.

THE AUTHOR: Patti Clark.

THE EDITOR: Annie Tucker.

THE PUBLISHER:  She Writes Press

Patti ClarkSUMMARY:  This Way Up is a story of healing for women who yearn to lead a fuller life, accompanied by a workbook designed to help readers work through personal challenges, discover new inspiration, and harness their creative power…

Women spend so much of life nurturing and giving to others that when they find themselves alone—because of an empty nest, the end of a marriage, or the death of a partner—they often struggle with feeling purposeless. This Way Up provides a step-by-step way out of this sense of loss and into a life filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and joy.

The book centers on the essential wisdom of introspection and on the importance of following one’s dreams. This message of hope and transformation is then brought to life through an insightful, systematic and easily relatable twelve week program. Day-by-day journaling exercises, thought provoking questions and reader support are provided. For any woman who yearns to lead a fuller life but doesn’t know how to begin, this book is an ideal starting point.

THE BACK STORY: This project has been a ten year process. It began at a bookstore in 2006, while I sat with my son Lukas, having coffee and leafing through a stack of self-help books. He asked why I hadn’t written my own book. He said that I had been telling him the stuff in those books for years, and that I shouldn’t be reading other people’s work, but writing my own.

I knew immediately he was right. If I didn’t start writing, I felt like my own sons would doubt what I had been saying for years: “Follow your dreams! You can do it!” Not to mention it would be a kind of betrayal to myself.

I had been facilitating workshops for teens for about a decade when Lukas and I had that conversation. I later started facilitating Creative Empowerment Workshops for adults with my business partner Deb under an organization we founded called Figjam Workshops. Many of the participants asked if there was a workbook to use as a follow up once the workshop itself concluded. I have those people and my sons to thank for ultimately inspiring me to write This Way Up.

WHY THIS TITLE?: It’s fun, it’s creative and expresses the ethos of the book.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT:  As one reader put it: “This Way Up heals and transforms lives. Too often women struggle to find a purpose, after spending much of their life nurturing and giving to others. It’s a story and built-in workbook that supports you through personal challenges, unlocks inspiration through visualisation and harnesses creative power. Author, Patti Clark’s easy seven tools guide you out of feeling a sense of loss and into a life filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and abundant joy.”


This Way Up is a bold new path to personal growth and one that will help any woman who caretakes everyone but herself, whether at work or at home. Patti Clark’s approach is wholly unique and the meditations, visualizations, questions, and journal prompts will gently lead you back to yourself.” — Brenda Knight, author of Be a Good in the World.

“Clark has written an extraordinary story of reclaiming creative wisdom. Part compelling tale, part twelve-week course, This Way Up is a signpost for anyone looking to point the rest of her life in the direction of inspiration.”
— Toni Piccinini, author of The Goodbye Year

This Way Up is a healing guide to a more fulfilling life. Chock-full of practical tools, practices and reflection questions, it’s a helpful and relatable book for readers wanting to deepen self-insight, release the obstacles and doubts that hold them back, and find the courage to claim the life they yearn for and deserve.” — Donna Stoneham, author of The Thriver’s Edge

“Anyone over 50 will identify with Kat’s feeling of invisibility and vulnerability; Clark provides realistic tools to empower the reader seeking a better path and life. This book stands out in its unique format as a self-help workbook starting with Kat’s tale. The activities presented are applicable to any age group of women and provides the way for a new creative, more joyful life.”  — Kathy Nester, Penny for my Thoughts blog

“I totally loved This Way Up, but more than that, I realized that I really needed it. I found myself taking notes and drawing pictures . . . thank you so much for delivering this very timely and wonderfully user-friendly help into my hands. Very nicely hewn characters and such easy-to-identify-with people and patterns, which makes readers think that they could easily do this stuff too. I love the fact that this is written as a self-help book for people who don’t want a self-help book! It’s a good tool for the type of help I need – self reflective, confidence-building, spiritual guidance. It’s led me to being more creative as well.” — Suze Podger, “The Artisan” Book Reviews.

AUTHOR PROFILE:  Patti Clark is an accomplished speaker and workshop leader dedicated to helping people through various life transitions on their journey to an extraordinary life. For more than 30 years, and over several continents, Patti has been sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others. She is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from U.C. Berkeley. She has taught English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and at Oregon State University.  Patti’s work has been featured in several publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe,  and The Mindful Word. Patti spends part of her time in the United States, and part of her time in New Zealand. This Way Up is her first book.

AUTHOR COMMENTS:  “If you enjoy the book and especially if you enjoy working through the workbook, please contact me for more information about the interactive This Way Up Online Workshop Series. You can find more information about the book and the workshop on my website:

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Patti Clark

This Way Up:
Seven Tools for Unleashing your Creative Self and Transforming your Life
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“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”

– Dalai Lama

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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  1. Sounds like a great book and a wonderful tool. I can think of several friends I would love to present with t his book (and myself, of course). Already placed on my Amazon wish list. Good luck with the book!

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