Operation Crossbow

Operation Crossbow: A military spy thriller by [Delorey, William]THE BOOK: Operation Crossbow


AUTHOR: William Delorey

EDITORS: J Lacy Coughlan and Susan Carr

PUBLISHER: WordWizard Publications — Green Cove Springs, Florida

SUMMARY:  A military spy thriller pits a young and naive but extremely well-trained Special Forces soldier unwillingly and unwittingly against the ruthless head of ICD, a federal intelligence agency seeking revenge for a personal vendetta.

Bill DeloreyA top federal agent recruits Jacoby Klyne, recently discharged from the Army. After six years infiltrating and fighting drug cartels and engaging political hot-spots around the world, Jake declines the Op, wants his discharge, some rest, and to resume the quiet country life he left to serve his country six years ago.

The spymaster manipulates Klyne and others for a unique revenge agenda against a group of men the agent despises. Innocent and alone, Jacoby Klyne twists and turns through a series of nightmares across two continents filled with drugs, violence, sexual betrayal and a prison sentence he didn’t earn that extends beyond his wildest imagination … Klyne finally figures it out, and embarks on a vendetta of his own and confronts the spymaster on his home court in Washington, DC. This edge of your seat thriller takes you on a wide ride.

BACK-STORY: My brothers, myself, and many of my friends served in the military and have lots of stories to tell – some tragic, some funny, and some simply interesting tales. We developed and founded a program that worked with the VA clinic in Los Angeles for several years, counseling combat veterans returning to civilian life. I’ve experienced military life first hand as a US Navy submarine sailor. This novel grew out of my own experiences and those experiences my brother veterans shared during party times and counseling times.

WHY THIS TITLE: Operation Crossbow ::: Jacoby Klyne received various old-world weapons from his father, a medieval history professor. Crossbow, dagger, garrote, and others which he uses as a Special Forces operative in secret military and drug enforcement operations, and later, in his journey to confront his antagonists.

WHY SHOULD ONE READ IT: If you like military and spy drama, this novel combines the deception, confrontation, and retaliations that emerge when power corrupts a federal leader.

AUTHOR PROFILE:  Born in Massachusetts, Bill grew up in California, served in the US Navy submarine force on Hawaii and in the Far East, then settled in the Sierra foothills gold rush country. He returned to Cape Cod in 1992, where he lived until relocating to Florida in 2010.

Bill holds a Bachelors degree in behavior from UCLA and a Masters degree in writing from UMass-Dartmouth. He’s worked as a freelance photo-journalist and editor since 1990. He’s published primarily sports, wildlife behavior and protection, nature articles, and images locally, regionally and nationally. He’s also edited numerous books and journals in the natural history and science disciplines.

Current non-fiction project: “A Light in Darkness” – a mental health investigation [2016]

In 2015, he turned his writing efforts to fiction, and published one short fiction collection, “Predators: a six-pack of short fiction” 2015, a novel titled “Shuffle an Impulse” – a psyche thriller 2015, a second novel titled “Operation Crossbow” – a military/espionage thriller 2015, a third novel titled “A Hobo’s Revenge” – a financial thriller 2016, a fourth novel titled “Paper Cuts” – a medical fraud thriller due for release in 2016.

Throughout his professional life, Bill remains an advocate for wildlife and wilderness conservation and protection. He also supports veteran’s issues and mental health reform.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: “As fiction writers, we exercise the purest form of creativity in our artistic works. The expression of our imagination gives birth to characters that live and breathe in worlds we invent. We then can only hope our readers find as much enjoyment and delight in our presentations as we do when bringing our stories to life.”


Available at Amazon :: e-book and print version — or personal contact thru website


PRICE: E-book :: $2.99 / Print $13.25 (327 pages)

AUTHOR CONTACT: http://www.billdelorey.com – email contact available at website

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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