Star Catching

Star Catching by [Lajeunesse, Dawn]THE BOOK: Star Catching.

PUBLISHED IN: November 2016

THE AUTHOR: Dawn LeJeunessse,

THE EDITOR: Terri Valentine.

THE PUBLISHER: Dog Ear Publishing.

SUMMARY:  A family struck by tragedy is forced to rebuild their lives around a new mold. Sarah Crawford’s family vacationed every summer with her beloved Gram and Gramps. Every day was a fun adventure, but Sarah’s favorite was their special night of star catching, with Gramps and her dad.

On the last night of vacation, Sarah overhears her grandparents saying how much they look forward to selling their house and traveling unencumbered after Gram retires.When an accident on their way to the airport kills Sarah’s parents and brother, Marian and Ed cope with grief and the unanticipated responsibility of raising Sarah. Sarah’s recovery is complicated by guilt over ruining her grandparents’ plans. She decides she must return to Washington, to the home she shared with her parents.

Precocious academically, in her immaturity she doesn’t grasp the unrealistic nature of her goal and the dangers she encounters in her attempts to achieve it.

THE BACK STORY:  Many of my friends have grandchildren, and without exception, they all tell me the same thing about being a grandparent. They love their grandchildren dearly, and they love spending time with them. But each and every one says the best part about being a grandparent is that you get to turn the children over to their parents at the end of a visit. I don’t have grandchildren, but I tried to imagine what it would be like to suddenly, in retirement, have the responsibility of full time parenting dropped in my lap. As with all unexpected changes in life, we cope the best we can. STAR CATCHING is all about how grandparents and their sole surviving grandchild cope with the reality of family taking on a new shape.\

WHY THIS TITLE?  Originally titled GRAM & ME, which felt ho-hum, I stumbled upon the idea for the new name as I was re-reading the manuscript for what seemed like the millionth time and felt the star catching adventure Sarah shared with her grandparents captured many of the concepts that evolve in the story.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? It’s a Hallmark Movie kind of story, with some tears, some laughs, a lot of warmth, a few dogs, and a happy ending just in time for Christmas.


“Touching”, “unforgettable”…Young Sarah is an appealing, memorable character who copes with injury, loss, and even bullying with admirable aplomb. Marian, despite her expressed concerns, is relatable as she deals with her problems—first with prescription medication, then with food—before she has a breakthrough that allows her to take control of her life….”

“An often heart-wrenching tear-jerker that, at its best, evokes hope and optimism.” Kirkus Reviews.

AUTHOR PROFILE:  See my “Who Am I?” page on my blog:

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Not a full chapter, but some key excerpts:

WHERE TO BUY IT:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble on line, through any local bookstore.

PRICE: Paperback $11.99; e-book $2.99.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: - contact page

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