Metaphysical Voyages

THE BOOK: Metaphysical Voyages – A Selection of Stories for the Spiritually Inclined


THE AUTHOR: Jenny Haynes

THE EDITOR: Jenny Haynes

THE PUBLISHER: Jenny Haynes via

SUMMARYMetaphysical Voyages – A Selection of Stories for the Spiritually Inclined is a collection of seven stories from Jenny Haynes. Each story expresses an aspect of the author’s own spiritual journey and all express her innate good humor and spirited imagination. 

f you think of this life as a waking dream, these stories prompt you to look at what needs to be released and what needs to be embraced in order to make that life the happier dream.

Every human being has a story they came here to tell. Your life is the greatest expression of your own human and spiritual potential. Your life is your story. These stories speak to that deeper truth of our spiritual natures. They speak of the power of imagination and the wonderful lives that we can create if we can just see beyond the fear and suffering that suck the joy out of our hearts.


THE BACK STORY: Jenny was a lifelong, some would say committed, atheist when angels showed up in her living room and everything she knew about the world was turned on its head. She tried to send them next door to the Christians but they seemed to think that they were in the right place. And so it proved.

WHY THIS TITLE: To attract spiritual seekers.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: Reading this book will uplift, amuse and inspire the open minded reader. There is a wealth of spiritual information here that is intended to guide and assist spiritual seekers on their own journey towards the ultimate reality.


“Your parables ooze Buddhism and are brilliant. Buddhism is so much less judgemental, and accepting of human nature…and the divine in all its variations.” Professor Marianne McDonald, UCA.

AUTHOR PROFILE: Jenny Haynes is a British American comedian, hypnotherapist, spiritual consultant and author. She embraces both humor and humour as she is now bilingual although she still struggles to call football ‘soccer’. It’s an English thing.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: The Stone Man was the first spiritual story that I was guided to write. For nearly four decades I had always remembered the opening lines: “For all the stone men shout at me and swear as they are not dead. And once I touched a broken girl and knew that marble bled.” I read these lines in a novel written by a teaching colleague of my mother’s. I was around 14. They burned themselves into my consciousness and resurfaced 40 years later to form the foundation of a powerful tale of cruelty, manipulation, pain and redemption,.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: (Provide link). Darrell – People can watch The Stone Man on YouTube but the sound is difficult for the hard of hearing and I haven’t yet worked out how to add subtitles:

LOCAL OUTLETS: Direct from the author in Lynchburg


PRICE: $12.50 plus shipping

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Tel: 434 258 5525. Email: Website:

Jenny Haynes
Spiritual Consultant

Tel: 434 258 5525
Jenny Haynes
Spiritual Consultant

Tel: 434 258 5525

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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