Running in Silence

THE BOOK: Running in Silence: My Drive for Perfection and the Eating Disorder That Fed It

PUBLISHED IN: November 15, 2016

THE AUTHOR: Rachael Rose Steil

THE EDITOR: Dean Robertson

THE PUBLISHER: Koehler Books (John Koehler)

SUMMARY: Rachael Steil clocked in as an All-American collegiate runner; she became a girl clawing for a comeback on a 30-bananas-a-day diet. This year-long struggle with raw food ended when she realized she had to find her self-respect beyond her identity as a successful runner on a perfect diet. Running in Silence opens the door on the secret world of eating disorders. It provides vital insights for those who don’t suffer from this disease and an honest and harrowing personal story for those who do. Steil challenges the stigma of eating disorders, looks past appearance, and dives into the heart of obsession.

Rachael SteilTHE BACK STORY: This book began as a series of journal entries back in 2011 when I began a raw food diet. I posted these journal entries on my new website in January 2013, and a few months later began to develop these journal entries into a book. I realized that instead of just telling my story, I wanted to also help others, so I integrated self-help into this memoir.

WHY THIS TITLE: I ran too long without speaking up about my eating disorder. Running and food spoke for me. This book allows me to break that silence, allow others to speak openly, and provides insight for people who don’t understand eating disorders.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: From the entertaining quirks of the “raw-foodists”, to the terrible consequences of going too far with running and food, Running in Silence is not just a book about athletes and eating disorders, but a story for anyone who knows what it’s like when a passion becomes an obsession. If you have wrestled with any kind of addiction—or know someone who has—this is a book you do not want to miss!

REVIEW COMMENTS: “Running in Silence is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand the causes and potential cures of eating disorders.” 

–Lize Brittin, former world-class mountain runner and author of Training on Empty 

Running in Silence will encourage anyone to get that push they are looking for to not merely exist, but to live.” 

–Suzy Favor Hamilton, former Olympic middle distance runner and New York Times bestselling author of Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness

“Rachael’s voice is no longer silent, but is now a guide to those looking to better their lives.” 

–Brittany Burgunder, author of Safety in Numbers

AUTHOR PROFILE: Rachael Rose Steil graduated in 2015 from Aquinas College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She is a level 1 USA track and field certified coach and is currently the assistant coach at Grandville High School. She has published articles about running and eating disorders in Michigan Runner magazine and is a speaker and advocate. Steil is a recipient of the Spirit and Outstanding Runner award for the Aquinas College cross country team and has received sixth place All-American accolades in cross country, as well as seventh place in the NAIA track nationals. Her greatest achievement was not breaking a physical barrier, but a mental one.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: Running in Silence is committed to correcting the misconceptions and ending the stigma of eating disorders for those at any body weight who struggle to speak up.

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