Dreamtime by [Martin, Alan]THE BOOK: Dreamtime: A True Story That Hasn’t Happened Yet


THE AUTHOR:  Alan J. Martin

THE EDITOR: Kathryn Rodgers & William Greenleaf

THE PUBLISHER:  Line by Lion Publications is a small, independent press comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to publishing the best new voices in modern literature. While we have an extensive line of books that fall within traditional genres, we specialize in Outsider Fiction, those works that transcend boundaries. So, whether you are looking for a spine-tingling horror, a heart-quickening romance, a book that will keep your children spellbound, or an entirely new experience, we have something that will keep you reading, line after line. http://www.linebylion.com/

Alan J. MartinSUMMARY:  In the next generation, our addiction to entertainment will order up a technological marvel; full immersion into virtual reality. This global network of experiences will allow man to share in the wonders of the imagination in ways he could not have otherwise fathomed. It will come with an unexpected side-effect. Neural stimulation will rewire the brain to suspend all disbelief in the waking state and usher in the age of mind over matter. Reality and fantasy will become one in the same, and all hell will break loose… To survive, we will have to fight fantasy with fantasy.

What man imagines, he creates. What man creates, shapes the world. What shapes the world, reshapes man. Soon he will imagine the impossible, And this too shall come to pass.

Still guilt-ridden years after the untimely death of his friend, Ayin has drifted most of his life bound to no man’s rules. When he awakens without memory in a mysterious realm, a mythic guardian unloads the weight of all worlds on his shoulders. Aided by a nobleman, a musician, and a scholar, he must protect the Tree of Dreams from a living nightmare before it unravels all of creation.

THE BACK STORY:  Dreamtime is multi-dimensional. Beneath the surface, the tale symbolizes the struggle to do what it takes to reach your dream. In essence, it is the anatomy of a dream, It was also a cathartic release. On one level, I wrote it to put into words my soul search. I needed a way to make sense of why I was here, what I had found, and what I was still searching for. It was an anchor to keep my feet beneath me. On another level, I wanted to craft an extraordinary adventure to put the spirits of my dearest friends to the test. How would we work together under such conditions? I wondered. This is ultimately an ode to friendships that stand the test of time.

The substance of Dreamtime came from firsthand experience coupled with a lot of investigation into creation myths. I realized that only a handful of morals in the stories replay themselves out time and again. I became fascinated by the subliminal meaning behind mythologies from different cultures. Over time, I saw patterns; similar characters in different masks, a hierarchy of labors and environments designed to re-sculpt our hero into something closer to the divine. It seemed like a recipe for illumination. These common roots to storytelling began to spell out a tale that I simply had to write. I see Dreamtime as a kind of a cautionary tale, if you will, but also a wild ride through the very act of creation itself with us tangled up with the reins.

It took me 15 years to get Dreamtime just the way I liked it. I was constantly tweaking the prose here and there to find that tailor-fit style that lent itself to being something timeless, which is the core nature of the journey.

WHY THIS TITLE?  I don’t even remember my exact ah-ha moment for choosing this title, but I know there was one. Dreamtime is the word Australian aborigines use to describe pre-creation. Yet when stripped of its dogma, and put into simpler terms, the underlying motif seems to echo the same logic used by game programmers designing a 3-D world. The message is crystal clear; we are all architects to our very own game of the soul. The title ‘Dreamtime’ was perfect, lending itself to both ancient and modern themes.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT?  Today’s stories lack that essential ingredient that gives a soul a piece of itself, a moral. Those are the elements I look for; hidden gems in the crux of a plot. That’s what stories are for; to help further our understanding of ourselves. Dreamtime is a proverbial map through the metaphoric pitfalls that so often dampen our spirit and keep us from our dream. It was meant for one sole purpose; to remind dreamers to make their dreams come true. The good fight. The only fight.

Dreamtime is a wonderful blend of genres. If you like to be catapulted into worlds you have never been to before, exploring bizarre cultures and encountering otherworldly creatures, if you love thought-provoking plots, unexpected twists, and revelations from out of the blue, then Dreamtime is for you. You will chase life, be mystified, and laugh til you cry.

My niche audience would be anyone who still hopes for a better world and who has not yet resigned themselves to trodding on down the same circular path.

AUTHOR PROFILE: My father was an army ranger, my mother a registered nurse. The tug of war between the poles demanded some serious soul searching to be sure. I took the road less traveled and would be the first to admit I got lost now and then along the way, at times intentionally. An out of body experience at an early age set the stage for looking at the world in a more than ordinary way. (One could call it a sense of reality that keeps skewing itself.) This bred an interest in all things off the beaten path.

My B.A. in General Studies at UT in Arlington, TX, (I called it my ‘Philology’ Degree, the love of study—philosophy, psychology, criminal justice, & language) This was my first formal quest for answers. A semester abroad infected me with the travel bug for which I found there is no cure. It was the ten-year stint overseas in a specialized close quarters combat training program under the Chief Instructor for Taiwan’s SWAT that was most influential on my cognitive, physical and spiritual development. Here I learned to organize thought, nurture the creative spark, categorize the imperatives of life and where I began bridging the split in my soul.

My many walks through life have helped lay a foundation for animating the environments I construct on paper. My incessant dreaming (both nightly odysseys and daily musings) provide ample clay with which I may sculpt my great escapes. Born in Detroit, Michigan, I presently live with my soul mate, Shelley, and my daughter in North Texas.

AUTHOR COMMENTS:  The purpose behind the tale is to let readers know that their dreams grease the gears that turn the great wheel of the universe. I wish to use the written word to inspire souls to not let nay-sayers in all their various disguises wring the dream out of them. I can think of no better path then to help each dreamer reach his potential. Imagine that!

WHERE TO BUY:  Amazon, Coming Soon to Barnes & Noble https://www.amazon.com/Dreamtime-Alan-Martin/dp/1940938481

PRICE: $2.99 on Kindle, $14.44 Paperback edition.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: helisonu@aol.com

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