Rhythm and Greens

Rhythm and Greens: Professings of a Prison Poet by [Sachs, Evan]

THE BOOK: Rhythm and Greens: Professings of a Prison Poet.


THE AUTHOR: Evan Sachs.

THE PUBLISHER: Pseudoku Books.

SUMMARY: In his poetry, the author reveals that he lived his life with a false façade. Trying to live up to the expectations that his superior intelligence would outweigh any of his problems proved impossible. Treatment for depression and the bipolar disorder did not silence his demons. He wanted out, and did the unthinkable to try to end his own pain. Faced with a sentence of fourteen years, he gives us insight on how he survives in prison, and how he strives to spend his time inside to become a better person. His poetry is honest, self-condemning, and yet hopeful for a future that he can lead outside one day.

THE BACK STORY: Writing this poetry has been a way for the author to survive and to have the introspection to understand why things went so very wrong.

WHY THIS TITLE?: It speaks for itself.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? Anyone interested in mental illness, criminal justice, or who just enjoys good poetry would find this book fascinating.

REVIEW COMMENTS: “With candor and courage Evan Sachs shares his story of incarceration with us through poetry. His story is made universal by way of honest introspective writing. These poems sing the terrifying song that is the trauma of mental illness and its ensuring results. Rhythm and Greens is a selfless contribution to the world of poetry. It deserves accolade.” Professor Charlotte Matthews, University of Virginia, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

AUTHOR PROFILE: Evan holds a degree in Psychology from the University at Albany.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: This book was published in hopes that it can help others understand more about mental illness and the “correctional” program.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: On the book’s Amazon page.


PRICE: $4.99 Kindle, $14.99 Paperback.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: He has no access to the Internet. He can be reached by snail mail at:

Evan Sachs 11A4346

Clinton Correctional Facility

1156 Rt. 374 P.O. Box 2001 Dannemora, New York 12929-2001

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