The Devil’s Charity

THE BOOK: The Devil’s Charity

PUBLISHED IN: January 2017

THE AUTHOR: Robert D Turvil.

THE PUBLISHER: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Amazon Digital Services LLC

SUMMARY: Ronald’s whole existence is in meltdown. His memories have been ripped from his brain – and Charity wants him as her own.

WHY THIS TITLE: Charity says her name change was to show her commitment to charity, so is it Charity’s Charity or is she the Devil’s?

Robert D Turvil(This book was previously published as ‘The After Death Afterlife of Ronald Foster’ and received the 5* reviews, as below.)

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: This book is for adults who like an unusual and challenging read. You go with Ronald as he gives his first hand account of a world of delusion and double-dealing, where nothing is what it seems. Find out if Charity can be trusted. Feel Ronald’s angry frustration as he strives against three powerful women who will not be denied. Discover how treachery, intrigue and violence finally drive him to murder. Then you can be with him as he faces the most profound moment of his life.


“Page turner! Every short chapter ends with an irresistible hook as the story unfolds of Ronald and the three women in his afterlife. I never knew who to trust; or who to route for! Or could guess what happens next, as heaven and earth seem to come together in the after death.

The author Robert Turvil has an obvious love for words from the care taken throughout the book. I read a lot, and never have I stopped so often to enjoy a sentence again. With each passing chapter, I giggled, shrieked, and hide behind the cover! The book is fast paced, fun and surprising. I thoroughly recommend this read. More please, Robert.’

‘Very entertaining. Plenty of strong characters with intriguing views on life and death, and life after death. The story is fast paced and I wanted to know what happens next. Stands out from crowd. Recommended.”

“This is a very unusual book, one I never thought I would like, after all its a difficult concept for some people to consider. Right from page one you are drawn into this book, and the lead character, you both despise him, and within a few chapters feel for him. Its great to have strong female characters too, which are missing in a lot of novels of this calibre. Not yet finished the book, but expect to be wowed.”

“I only got this yesterday and I have to say I could not put it down!! Amazing concept and totally refreshing read. I’m already looking forward to the next Robert Turvil book.

“Other reviewers have commented about this book being difficult to put down, once you’ve been drawn into the story, and as I kept finding myself reading just one more chapter, I must agree with this. Initially, I felt for Ronald in his pain, but as the story progressed, this feeling changed and I began to view his trials and tribulations as pretty much what he deserved, given his opinionated views on self-importance and his scornful attitude towards others. The book is certainly thought provoking, as the author clearly intended, and the reader is rushed along on a roller coaster ride, towards the final inevitable question, which will leave you thinking about it, long after finishing the book.’

AUTHOR PROFILE:  “Reading should feel like a roller-coaster ride with a blindfold,” Robert says. “Never knowing what’s coming is good.”

Robert has written stories for 20 years, tempting his readers with his take on daily life and how it can become so amazingly bizarre. He teases the senses with situations and emotions, making them real.

His fantasy book ‘The Devil’s Charity’ (formerly published as ‘The After Death Afterlife of Ronald Foster’) is one of his most successful roller-coaster rides – and comes with a sting in the tail and 5* reviews.

His book ‘7½ short stories you’ll want to read’ includes tales of crime, betrayal, murder and love – sometimes in a single story! His next book twists a tale of vengeance where moral duplicity is rife and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Robert writes from his home in southern England, where he raised three sons with his wife Anne, who reads all his words before they reach the shelves and Kindles.

AUTHOR COMMENTS:  “I really hope you enjoy ‘The Devil’s Charity’. As one reviewer commented: ‘It will leave you thinking about it long after finishing the book.’”

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Preview chapters available via ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon Websites.


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