Incident in Patagonia

Isabel Garcia CintasYOUR BOOK: Incident in Patagonia.

PUBLISHED IN: 2016 – English edition

THE AUTHOR: Isabel García Cintas

THE EDITOR: Amancay Ediciones

THE PUBLISHER: Self-published through CreateSpace

SUMMARY: This political thriller is set in the beautiful southern city of Bariloche, Argentina during the military Junta years, 1976-83. Alicia Mendoza, a young journalist, works in the press and radio under the government’s strict media censorship. One evening on her way home she has a brief encounter with threatening secret service men. When her best friend Susana Machevsky is kidnapped and later disappears, she becomes aware of the political repression going on. The search for her friend takes her on a risky journey. She travels to Buenos Aires and meets the hurt, defiant and still budding movement of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. She also talks with members of her own family who belong to the privileged class, and simply refuse to admit what is going on. Some friends shun her and others try to help her in a country bitterly divided.

The shady man that earlier threatened her reappears throughout the story. He is an ambiguous agent that may mean hope or doom for Alicia’s quest. A local priest of the ambivalent Catholic Church facilitates a furtive contact with a person that may help and who claims a costly ransom from Alicia. The personal price she pays destroys her emotionally. When a witness confirms the death of her friend, Alicia collapses into depression and incipient alcoholism. To salvage their marriage, her husband accepts a job offer to move to Florida. By chance Alicia crosses paths with the loathed man living as a respected member of the local Latino community and she plots to at last face him.

THE BACK STORY: I worked as a journalist between 1978 and 1987 in Bariloche, Argentina. This story and its protagonists are fictional. The facts of the story were taken from separate real occurrences in the timeframe of the real historical events narrated in this book.

WHY THIS TITLE: The story takes place in Patagonia, the vast area in the south of Argentina, at the tip of the American Continent. Bariloche is located at the foot of the Andes, between lakes and mountains and the arid, dry expanse of the Patagonian Plateau.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: The book has suspense; good dialogues and sustains the interest throughout. The story is a cautionary tale about the damage a dictatorial government can inflict to any society that deems itself safe from state-organized violence.

REVIEW COMMENTS: No reviews available in English.

AUTHOR PROFILE: My name is Isabel Garcia Cintas and I was born in Córdoba, Argentina. I studied journalism and photography in Buenos Aires, and lived for three years in Melbourne, Australia. On my return I settled down in Bariloche, a city in southern Argentina, where I worked in radio and the written press. I moved with my husband and daughter to Ohio in 1987 and I have been living in Florida since 2001. I started writing fiction in 2003 and currently I have three books self-published: The first one, Del Mediterráneo al Plata (Spanish edition, 2012, 527 pgs), is a family saga based on my great grandparents’ immigration experience from Italy and Spain to Argentina, and was finalist at the 2012 Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards in Santa Barbara, CA.

Incidente en la Patagonia (Spanish edition, 2011, 309 pgs) is a political suspense novel. The English manuscript, Incident in Patagonia (English edition, 2016, 257 pgs) obtained Honorable Mention in Suspense or Mystery at the 2015 Latino Literacy Now’s Latino Books Into Movies Awards.

My most recent published book, La Casa Vieja y Otros Relatos (Spanish edition, 2016, 170 pgs) is a short story selection that won Honorable Mention at the 2016 International Latino Book Awards, California, and I just found out it has won Gold Medal in the Spanish category at the 2016 Florida Book Awards, Florida.

I am a hands-on person, so I learned (self-taught) the book-publishing job, which I execute from the manuscript setting to the final publication, including the total cover design of my books.

To keep up with my journalistic profession I am member of the staff of Letra, an international magazine of arts, literature and contemporary ideas published in Spanish.



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