Drink While You Can

Drink While You Can by [Vitti, Lou]THE BOOK:  Drink While You Can


THE AUTHOR:   Lou Vitti

THE EDITOR:  April Urso

THE PUBLISHER:  Word Association Publishers

SUMMARY:  In  a brutal tug of war to control the flow of liquor, Pittsburgh attorney Lou DiAngelo faces problems from those that uphold the law and his  clients that prefer to dance around the law. When one of his clients is  murdered he must reach out for help from his old neighborhood  friends.  All this while trying cases, counseling judges, and navigating a  romance with his love, Lola. This is high anxiety with streetwise wit  and real mob guys mentioned in large part by real names in actual  scenarios

THE BACK STORY:  The  events are real. The characters are mainly real and often referred to by their actual names .Because these events really occurred , I was pressed to  tell the stories of the events that I actually experienced in a romantic  type setting. After my first book, I was  asked for more, as well as after this one.

WHY THIS TITLE?:    Because it deals with the restrictive and competitive nature of liquor licensing in Pennsylvania — the only state monopoly in the country

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT?   I am told it is an easy read that keeps moving and keeps your attention. A mild surprise in each chapter


“Came home after midnight. Thought to read for awhile and then sleep. I wanted to hate you but loved the book.” — Jerry L.

“Kept me reading page after page to see what was going on.” — Greg S.

“It reads like something by Mickey Spillane.” — Francie Q.

AUTHOR PROFILE:  Lou  Vitti has always been a street-wise guy who grew up in the middle of  the Little Italy section and became a lawyer to represent most of the people that he already knew. He was always trusted by his connected clients and always gave his best effort to all clients. He still resides in Pittsburgh and still maintains his friends, although fewer are still  alive. Most restaurant owners look forward to a visit from him and his  friends.

AUTHOR COMMENTS:  The book is intended to entertain.  I am told that it does. For me, it is nostalgia for the most part

SAMPLE CHAPTER:  The first eleven pages can be read on Barnes and Noble by typing in the title. A brief sample: page 121

I  headed back to my place . Bob’s comments about Joe Chic wandered  through my mind on the way home. Jimmy Pi had made the same type remark.  There was a lot of activity and I wasn’t the least bit sure if any of   the dots connected.

After  putting the Corvette away for the week , I went upstairs to unwind for  tomorrow. I made a small pot of espresso , Lit up a Corona Padron 1926  with a Maduro wrapper. I clicked on the television for the news and especially to see the weather.for the week , hoping that the weather  prediction would have some relationship to what was really going to  happen.

Looked like a decent week . The Mirage trial would be over . I  had several items to get off my calendar. Friday golf looked good.

Then a breaking news story. Aren’t they always ” breaking “? This one was, however.
A body found in the trunk of a car at the airport. They were working on repairs at the short term parking when a workman noticed the license plate was missing.

It  was parked too close to the area under construction and had to be moved.  Closer investigation caused some concern and the security people called  the local police.

Body of a young female stabbed forty-six times. And how do the police know the count?
Unfortunately , now we know where Allana had gone, and why she didn’t show up for work.

 LOCAL OUTLETS:   Word Association Publishers, but it is less expensive at Amazon

WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: Amazon, Barnes & noble, etc.

PRICE:  Cover price $14.95. Amazon $8.95 but only a few left

CONTACT THE AUTHOR:  lpv@zoominternet.net

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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