Skating For Grace

Skating For Grace (The Royal Skater Chronicles Book 1) by [Perreault, Anne]THE BOOK:  Skating for Grace, Book 1 of the Royal Skater Chronicles


THE AUTHOR: Anne Perreault.

THE EDITOR: Annemarie E. Omilian, Steven Place.

THE PUBLISHER: Anne Perreault.


SUMMARY: Jacqueline Chevalier is an unusual teen. Not only is she an international figure skating champion, she is also… royalty. Her life is basically one huge press junket. Her only release from the demands on her her family is found on the ice. Not only does she try to conform to her family’s demands on her time, she is worn out with the need to look and act the part of a perfect princess. When she meets a set of twins, Jacqueline is shown a different world, one that she longs for. She finds herself in an unusual situation, where she has a decision to make. Will she chose freedom in Christ or will her life continue to be lonely and empty?

An image posted by the author.THE BACK STORY:  “This story originated in my head when I was lonely, missing home and all that I knew. It marinated and grew to become a crutch for me to go to in difficult times, until I found something much more powerful to get me through my trials. When I started writing it, I was shown the beauty of God’s character because of His love for me, individually, and us, as His creation. It became a love story toward me, written by God’s inspiration.”

WHY THIS TITLE? It’s twofold. The main character finds herself intrigued with her friend, Grace, who shows her something she doesn’t expect – God’s grace.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT? Teens today are all about themselves, and yet their lives really are empty. There are many who are struggling against their parents, against what is required of them. This book shows a teen in that stage of her life and also shows that she doesn’t have to continue with it. There are answers to her questions. They may not be easy and may require some major soul searching, but they are there for the taking.


“One must understand that there is a superbly crafted undercurrent to this piece of literature that many will not discover on their own. This is an easy read. Initially I thought it took off too slowly, however now I notice the Master behind the work. This is labeled as a Christian and romance book and every romance needs a relationship. Life without God may seem slow or empty at first such as something is missing or one existing day to day, and the book captures this very readily. In a day and age where there seems to be intensity and ‘sit on the edge of your seat’ woven within movies this book shows something else… something else that could be missing… a relationship with God. ..and this may cause some inner conflicts depending where we are and where He might want us. Brilliantly the readers focus is brought to that possible relationship with our creator and not on our sin. As the author brings in the twins they represent the author’s life in Dubai and yet she still had ties to her home country in Europe just as Jacqueline did. Another tidbit is that the Author planned on naming her first daughter Jacqueline around that time in her life. This is a fiction story, but with truths wrapped throughout… it ought to be peeled back gently to reveal the truth. For anyone that is struggling with who God is or whether if He exists: Darwin’s finches interbreed. They are not separate species… they did not evolve. This is not only a literary masterpiece, but also a work of art. I’m anxiously awaiting more of Ann’s novels since this is her first book.” —  Amazon Customer.

“Skating for Grace” is a tender story about a sixteen year old princess of Lichtenbourgh, who is overwhelmed by her responsibilities as a competitive ice skater, and living up to her family’s (and her own) expectations. She wants to study to be a veterinarian in the USA, but her parents have other ideas for her future. Mentally and physically exhausted she meets twin teenagers from Dubai who introduce her to their steamy environment, their culture, and to the source of their joy. It is then that Jacqueline Chevalier begins her transformation from young adult to young woman. A unique worthy read. Genre- Christian Young Adult Fiction. — Gloria Waldron Huckle, author of ‘Souls of the Soil’

AUTHOR PROFILE: Anne Perreault was born and raised in Germany. After living abroad in several different countries, she met her husband and settled down in Connecticut. They recently moved to Southern Vermont, where they are building their home, something that is a huge adventure. Besides writing, she is busy homeschooling her youngest son. Anne has a masters degree in secondary education. Writing is something God inspired her to do. It is a gift, one that she never expected to receive.


• Why do I write?

“I write not because it’s something I’ve trained for. I have studied writing all my life but not looking at it in a professional way. I seriously feel that I write because God’s gifted me to. I’m not an Agatha Christie, nor am I even close to being a Jane Austen. I feel that God reveals Himself to me in so many intimate ways when I put a story together. He shows me His true character and love. I pour myself into every story I write and, I suppose it is selfish, I learn something every time. For me writing is personal, painful, and very revealing.”

• Why romantic fiction?

“I feel that all of life is a relationship. I would love for people to see and feel that the most important relationship we can have is with God through Jesus Christ. Our human relations run parallel to our love for Christ and His love for us.”

• Why write about life?

“We all have to live it. There are so many stories out there that tell us, if it feels right, do it. I wish we would think about the consequences of the feel right-do it type of mentality. I present scenarios where my characters have hard choices to make, just like me from the moment I wake up ’till I go to sleep. I hope to give alternatives to sometimes very sad and difficult scenarios. It is my hope that persons reading my books will be filled with peace and a growing knowledge of God’s love for His people. Because that’s all it is about for me!”

SAMPLE CHAPTER: See Amazon page.

LOCAL OUTLETS:  The author has books available for sale at the Springfield Farmers Market, Springfield, VT, as well as the Ludlow Farmers Market, Ludlow, VT. She is also available for speaking engagements throughout New England. For further information, check out the website below.

WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: The book is available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble online. It is also available on the author’s Create Space sites.

PRICE: $13.99


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