The Sanguinist’s Daughter

The Sanguinist's Daughter (The Ethical Vampire Series Book 1) by [Hubbard, Susan]

THE BOOK: The Sanguinist’s Daughter.

PUBLISHED IN:  First published as The Society of S (hardcover novel) 2007

THE AUTHOR: Susan Hubbard

THE EDITOR: Denise Roy; Susan Hubbard

THE PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster; Kindle edition

SUMMARY: What if everything you knew about yourself and your family was a lie?

What if, when the lies began to crack, beneath them lay a truth so dark and deep, yet so compelling, that it pulled you inside?

Image result for Susan Hubbard + author + photosWhat price would you pay to live forever? These are the questions confronting Ariela Montero — half-vampire, half-human. The Sanguinist’s Daughter — the first book in The Ethical Vampire Series — introduces Ari and her world, where ghosts and vampires commune with humans; where Edgar Allan Poe and Jack Kerouac are role models; where every time a puzzle seems solved, its last piece changes the entire picture.

When the last piece is murder, Ari goes on the road in search of her mother, who disappeared at the time of her birth. The hunt nearly costs Ari her life, and, in finding her mother, she loses her father. But gradually she uncovers the secrets that have kept the family apart, and she begins to come to terms with her own unique nature and her chances for survival.

THE BACK STORY:  Like many of my books and stories, this one began with a dream—actually with a voice in a dream, narrating the story of how her parents first met. I awoke with that voice in my head, and I wrote down the story, which became the novel’s preface. The book grew organically from the preface. Unlike anything I’ve written before, this book announced its structure and scope to me from the beginning. Of course I made changes as I wrote, but by and large the novel is true to my original vision of it. Did I plan to write about vampires? I did not. They sort of crept in on their own.

WHY THIS TITLE: Originally titled The Sanguinist, the book was renamed The Society of S by the marketing wizards at Simon & Schuster, who thought most readers wouldn’t know what sanguinist meant. When I was able to republish the series on Amazon, I changed the title yet again to reflect my main character’s identity–and to please myself. In Ari’s world, Sanguinists are one of several sects of vampires struggling to survive on a human-dominated planet.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT:  Survival strategies matter more to us today than ever before., and my characters confront many of the same problems that we do. The book has been called an intricate mystery that raises provocative questions about the way we live now.


“Elusive, complex, poetic, and sophisticated.” —Margot Adler, National Public Radio

“Hubbard creates an eerie atmosphere that permeates the story.” —The Boston Globe

“Any Stephanie Meyer fan would enjoy The Society of S . . . This is one of the really good reads of the year.” —Charlaine Harris, author of All Together Dead and the Southern Vampire Mysteries

“[Hubbard] reawakens the vampire genre with class and inventiveness. With so many vampire novels on the market, it’s tough to stand out. But Susan Hubbard’s The Society of S does, approaching the whole idea from an entirely new way.” —Malena Lott, Bookgasm

“A triumph of modern gothic storytelling, The Society of S is the most unusual coming of age story you’ll ever read.”  —Carolyn Parkhust, author of The Dogs of Babel

“Equally literate and adventurous, The Society of S discloses its delectable secrets slowly. Susan Hubbard has taken a much-beloved trope and created a coming-of-age novel with real bite.” —Stewart O’Nan, author of Faithful

” . . . the year’s most intriguing fiction debut to date.” The Ft. Myers News-Press

” . . . this beautifully written literary novel works as a touching coming-of-age story about a child in search of her missing mother.” The Sacramento Bee

“Award-winning author Susan Hubbard explores a strange, dark world….” The Tucson Citizen

“Hubbard delineates Ari’s world of innocent and uncertain adolescence with uncommon poignance and forgoes sensationalism for sensitivity . . . . ” Publishers Weekly

“Florida author Hubbard offers a surprising twist on this trend: a vampire tale that reads more like a subtle family drama.” The Arizona Republic

“A triumph of modern gothic storytelling . . . . the most unusual coming of age story you’ll ever read.” Carolyn Parkhurst, author of The Dogs of Babel

AUTHOR PROFILE: A native of upstate New York, Susan Hubbard has taught writing at Syracuse University, Cornell University, and Pitzer College. She is currently Professor of English at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, where she leads fiction workshops and directs creative theses.

She is the author of seven books, including The Sanguinist’s Daughter, The Year of Disappearances, and The Season of Risks–first published by Simon & Schuster, now available as e-books. The series has been translated and published in more than fifteen countries..

Hubbard’s short story collection, Blue Money, won the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize for best book of prose by an American woman .Her first book, Walking on Ice, received the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Short Fiction Prize. She has been awarded writer’s residencies at Yaddo, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Djerassi Resident Artists’ Project, Cill Rialaig, and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: In reinventing vampire lore and legend, I enjoyed questioning cliché’s of good and evil, and imagining new incarnations of the monsters that sleep within us all.

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PRICE: $4.99

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