Doc Harrison and the Apocalypse



THE BOOK: Doc Harrison and the Apocalypse

PUBLISHED IN: June, 2017

THE AUTHOR: Peter Telep

SUMMARY: “What if everything you know turns out to be a lie? What if your parents kept a terrible secret that shatters your entire life on the day before your sixteenth birthday? What if you wake up trillions of miles from home on an alien planet that’s been torched by your own father? And what if the girl you love is involved in the darkest secret of all, one that forces you to confront her with the truth?

“My name’s Docherty Harrison, and this is my story. Hey, I didn’t ask for all this. I just went out to get a pizza. I wasn’t ready to fight for my life. I’m just a kid from the most dysfunctional family in the universe.

Peter TelepAnyway, buckle up. You’re in for one hell of a ride.”

THE BACK STORY:  “I’ve spent twenty years writing all kinds of books, from science fiction to fantasy to military thrillers to media tie-in novels. I longed to return to my roots as a science fiction writer and work on a coming of age tale.

“I knew a few things when I began brainstorming the Doc Harrison series. I wanted to write for young adults and have the story veer more toward science fantasy than hard science fiction. I wanted my narrator to be sixteen. I wanted the major setting to be an alien world that had suffered an apocalypse. I was working against the popular idea to place a heroine in a dystopian future Earth where she hates her life, falls in love, and does battle against the evil forces of the government. I thought exploring the ruins of an alien world might be different, fun, and dramatic. I knew that even with a male lead I could still have engaging female characters who never take a backseat to the hero or the plot. Julie, Meeka, Steffanie, and many others you’ll meet along our journey are characters whose sacrifices and achievements inspire Doc to reach new heights as a young man. They become much more than just his friends and in most respects are as strong as if not stronger than Doc or any other characters.”

WHY THIS TITLE: “Despite the YA market being flooded with books these days, I thought I’d simply write a fun story I would want to read, even as an adult. C.S. Lewis said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that if a child’s book can’t be enjoyed by adults, then it’s not a very good book at all. Hopefully, readers will find Doc Harrison to be an engaging character who just wants to do the right thing, even when it seems the entire universe is against him.”

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT:  Those who are young or young at heart will, I hope, find the characters and situations to be dramatic, action-packed, fun, and inventive. I’ve put a lot of time and research into creating unusual and exciting worlds, creatures, and character abilities within the series. There’s also a really timely and important environmental theme that runs throughout all of the books.

REVIEW COMMENTS (from Amazon):

NOTE: You can read all of Peter’s reviews on his Amazon page.

“Doc Harrison is a fun sci-fi adventure and it hit a lot of great notes: a solid and interesting plot, a cast of quirky characters (one of which I shamelessly fell in love with), a unique setting, and top notch writing. There wasn’t a moment of this book where I was bored. Everything was written so that I felt like I was there with the characters and experiencing everything right alongside Doc.”

“I’ve said in a lot of my reviews that characters can make or break a book for me, and these characters were so much fun to read about. Everything is written from Doc’s point of view and there were some characters that were just so genuine it was hard not to love them as much as Doc did. There were characters that I loved to hate, and moments when I really wanted to just grab someone and shake them to make them see what I was seeing, and I think that’s a pretty great thing to find in a book. It makes you feel like a part of the story rather than just a spectator in it.”

I don’t want to give too much away here, but the setting was so vivid, and the writing made it so easy to picture these scenes taking place on an alien planet. The plot was also incredibly engaging and once I got into the story I really didn’t want to put it down. I even made the mistake of reading it on my lunch break… so I inevitably had a conversation with my co-workers about why I looked sad where I skirted around the issue because how can you really explain that you just had your heart ripped out at the hands of an e-book? And no, I didn’t learn my lesson. I’ll probably do the same thing with the next two books…”

AUTHOR PROFILE:  Peter Telep is the author of more than forty novels. His collaboration with Tom Clancy, Against All Enemies, debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List. Additionally, he has written many bestselling novels based on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Endwar, and Splinter Cell video game series. He is a produced film and television writer and has worked alongside professionals throughout the video game industry. The Doc Harrison series marks his return to fantasy and science fiction where he began his career.


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