Nobody Cares

Thomas StevensTHE BOOK: Nobody Cares: The Ultimate & Only Self Help Book You Will Ever Need.


THE AUTHOR:  Thomas Stevens

: Prognathous Press, Ann Arbor MI, a small independent imprint.

SUMMARY: Hilarious yet imminently practical, Nobody Cares riffs on health, diet, education, banking, working, entrepreneurism and relationships. Whether you’re a young adult of 17 just trying to figure out what you’re doing with your life or a bitter and deluded crank in your 40s, 50s or beyond, Nobody Cares is a no-punches pulled tour de force in self-sufficiency.

THE BACK STORYAngered by the injustices of the modern world–particularly in America–Thomas Stevens poured the totality of his emotions into this screed. At once a primal scream and wake up call as well as a pared down practicum to getting through life’s travails.

WHY THIS TITLE?: Because it’s true that unless something either benefits or is adversely affects one, nobody cares.

Written in substance and spirit when the author was a cynical 17-year-old who thought he “knew it all” yet updated and edited for a contemporary audience, Nobody Cares is a unique approach to “self help,” unlike any other in the genre.

REVIEW COMMENTS: Verified Amazon purchasers said:

“So relevant and smartly written. No beating around the bush about how the world is and how not to be run over by it. I recommend it to everyone!!” — Gail Combs,. Texas.

“This is one powerful little book. There’s more to it than meets the ey, and it honestly feels like a secret weapon for taking on the world and everyonwe in it. As an author myself, I love the punchy styler and the tough truths that Nobody Cares tradesa in. But for all that it’s as hopeful and inspiring book, twelve chapters that cover everything you really need to know in order to deal with what life throws at you. They really should be teaching this stuff in our schools. Great for all ages. And laugh-out-loud outrageous, too.” — Kevin Irish, Detroit.

“Very sophisticated, yet written with intellectual skill and humor. I would classify this as a ‘diamond in the rough,’ each page a gem of guidance, certainly apropos to our current time. I would recommend parents to gift this no-punches-spared, releveat, guiding-light book to their young men and women … as a life reference.” — Marie Magillacuddy, Limerick, Ireland.

AUTHOR PROFILE: Thomas Stevens is a former investigative journalist and adman (madman) who finally had his fill of the world and decided to lay down the law in this book.

 “My book deals in blunt, even nasty realities of the world, but it’s also likely to draw howls of laughter from it’s extremely satirical tone. It’s really meant for young people as well as old and it’s my hope that Nobody Cares provides inspiration, wisdom and value–as well as entertainment– to whoever reads it.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Free sample chapter available by going to


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PRICE: $19.95 paperback, soon available as an eBook and Audiobook on

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Twitter: @vonstipatz Instagram: vonstipatz



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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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