THE BOOK: Heterodoxologies (essays, creative nonfiction)

PUBLISHED IN: February, 2017.

THE AUTHOR: Matthew James Babcock

THE EDITOR: Matthew R. K. Haynes

THE PUBLISHER: Educe Press, Butte, Montana.

SUMMARY: There’s no way to summarize this wildly incongruous pack of ramblings . . .

THE BACK STORY: My back is sore from writing for twenty-five years during my lunch hour.

WHY THIS TITLE: The publisher wasn’t wild about “Boogaloo Too: Essays,” so I took the problem to one of my writing classes, and my students helped me come up with “Heterodoxologies”: a neologism meaning “a song of praise, and a study of something unorthodox.”

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT:  It’s my debut nonfiction collection, after twenty-five years of writing.  In one book, you’ve got true-to-life stories about breakdancing, Jane Austen, bullying, virginity, roller rinks, bowling alleys, and towns in Indiana that don’t exist!


“Simply put, Matt Babcock deserves to be read. In Heterodoxologies, we find unabashed revelation, candidness, wit, and a fastidious attention to detail in the (always gorgeous) language, and though Babcock learned in third grade that “memory is a disease,” these stories will resonate and remain. In the vernacular, WOW. Brilliant writing; great essays. —Chila Woychik, Eastern Iowa Review Personal and wide-scanning, Heterodoxologies has a soul, pure and simple. “Babcock’s essays market insinuation over insistence, resonance over resolution, all the while opening onto unforeseen vistas. The writing shines. Babcock will instruct your heart, an essayist who deserves to be widely known. —Donald Anderson, author of Fire Road and, most recently, Gathering Noise from My Life: A Camouflaged Memoir Heterodoxologies is an astonishing collection of essays— wide-ranging, entertaining, through subjects as diverse as OCD teenagers, Treasure Hunters Roadshow, break-dancing, and high school wrestling—written in lush and erudite prose. He may be a white guy from rural Idaho, but get in a rap battle with Matt Babcock and you will lose.” —Eric Freeze, author of Invisible Men.

“Matthew James Babcock breakdances through the ‘80s and the ‘bewildering torture’ of his adolescence in ‘Boogaloo Too.’ This engaging mini-memoir, rich with perfect details and a dynamic voice, is smart, funny, and full of heart.” —Steve Brannon, Editor, Small Print Magazine

AUTHOR PROFILE: Professor.  Writer.  Failed breakdancer.  Books: Points of Reference (Folded Word); Strange Terrain (Mad Hat); Future Perfect (forthcoming, Ferry Street Books, 2018).

AUTHOR COMMENTS: Much gratitude for reading!

SAMPLE CHAPTER: See the Amazon page.

WHERE TO BUY IT: Amazon, or from Educe Press

PRICE: 18 bones!

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: babcockm@byui.edu

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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