Voyage of the Stingray

The Voyage of the Stingray by [Steinitz, Richard]TITLE: “The Voyage of the Stingray.”

AUTHOR: Richard Steinitz.


SUMMARY: The Voyage of the Stingray is a Nautical Adventure, full of surprises, suspense and intrigue. A new, top-secret type of submarine – USS Stingray (SSL 1001) – is being developed by the US Navy. Commander Jeff Woodbridge is given command of the SSL project after it broke its first captain and killed the next one! Assistance comes in the unlikely form of an MIT dropout sent to help them with their new electronic toys. Slowly the captain and crew learn how to use it and to take advantage of its special talents – small size, stealth and littoral (close to shore) operations.

Richard SteinitzNCIS is sent to investigate the death of the previous captain and discovers it is not an accident. Stingray is dispatched on Sudden Deployment, and sails on two hours’ notice – leaving part of the crew behind. The boat’s medical officer, Dr. Ellyn Gross, sails with her, contrary to Navy regs. In addition, an unintentional stowaway is found.

Stingray heads for the Middle East, takes on a SEAL team and heads for the Iranian coast.

THE BACK STORY: I have had a love affair with ships and the sea ever since I was ten years old! They have constituted a large part of my dreams, and my readings. ​It  took about 3-4 years in total to write the book​.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? ​ If you liked “Red October”, and if as a young person you liked the “Midshipman Hornblower” series, then you will want to read this book. Submarines, a stowaway, adventure on the high seas, cutting-edge technology,  murder and mayhem along the way — it has everything!


One ‘beta reviewer’ wrote: “Estimates for the coming year’s crop of new books reach as high as 1.7 million in the U.S. Some of these will be unreadable, a few will be authentic and inventive. The Voyage of the Stingray is one of those. A novel of  original concept, suspenseful plot, and compelling characters. I’ve read this novel three times, and I plan to read it again. Readers love surprises and The Voyage of the Stingray is a surprise from beginning to end. So, if you ever took the voyage on Nautilus with Jules Verne, you will love your undersea adventure aboard The Voyage of the Stingray, the new millennium’s stealth submarine. ”

The Voyage of the Stingray presents some interesting ideas on the design of futuristic submarines and how those ships might evolve into concepts of operations. Independent of the technology, the novel has a superlative plot, timely for the challenges of today’s world.” — Retired US Navy Captain and nuclear sub commander.

AUTHOR PROFILE: ​Born in NYC, have been living in Israel for 50 years now. ​I came to writing late in life (after age 50) and can’t seem to stop. This is my third book. My first two books were heavily influenced by where I live, and by who I am in terms of heritage, ancestry and cultural identity. The Voyage of the Stingray is pure fantasy, an attempt at fulfilling my dreams from an early age.

WHERE TO BUY IT: ​All Amazon sites.

PRICE: ​In the US – $3.95 for the Kindle edition, $11.95 for the paperback version​.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Amazon author page:




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