Lubbock Electric

THE BOOK: Lubbock Electric


THE AUTHOR: Anne Elezabeth Pluto.

THE EDITOR: Michael McInnis.

THE PUBLISHER: Nixes Mate Books.

SUMMARY: Cowboy movies and TV shows were a staple of my Brooklyn childhood. The “romance” of the far-way west was woven into Russian fairy tales and the stories of the Arabian nights. I have long been interested in narrative journeys and the calendar year: the seasons, both in their weather and in their religious holidays. These poems are a collection of love poems, started when I first met my husband, who then lived in Lubbock, Texas. The first 12 poems start the aim to create a heart made from the cotton cattle prairie landscape and the two people from disparate worlds as they fall, together, into the future, which leads the speaker back to other worlds: the following 22 poems weave Brooklyn family lore and Boston landmarks to finish the book.

Anne PlutoTHE BACK STORY: The book was first an ebook put out by Argotist Ebooks in 2012. That first “version” of the book was hastily compiled (I had a very small window of time to do it ) – I was never happy with the order – this Nixes Mate edition is carefully thought out and put together.

WHY THIS TITLE? : One evening we passed the Lubbock Electric Company building; the sun was setting and the yellow bricks were illuminated. Flying out of the city at night, I could see the city lit up and stretching on forever. A poem came out of that and became the title of this collection.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? The poems can be read in order or by flipping through the book and reading them in random order. The reader would be surprised, delighted, disturbed, moved, and hopefully find themselves, or something to take with them in these poems.


Anne Elezabeth Pluto’s Lubbock Electric is a gushing exploration of life in which she gives you, the reader her world to make your own. You can dive into poem after poem and swim with familiarity, frequently learning new strokes. Einstein maintained that the definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple, and this is precisely what Pluto has achieved in this stimulating collection. The skeleton of this book is cast swiftly with the introduction of the resplendent “Peregrine.” A poem constructed using admirable craft that pulls you into the poet’s emotional, mental and physical world. Pluto’s verve and acute awareness delivering the reader to a wealth of love and compassion. Annie Pluto has an inbuilt ability to poetically emote a specific feeling, situation or scene with admirable craft.

“Between the lines of the poem,” Love Letter to Lubbock,” the poet has placed a seat for every reader. This heartfelt and warm, cleverly woven tapestry delivers wishes, regrets, celebrations, acknowledgments and love with extraordinary economy. The subtlety Pluto masters in delivering a history lesson in “The Home Borough”, rides in tandem with the poet’s utilitarian ability to ground the reader. The poems in Lubbock Electric ride on a conveyor of poetic pleasures that underlie the current of seriousness that will ground each reader.” —  Gene Barry. Poet and Psychotherapist; author of Stones in their Shoes, Unfinished Business and Working Days; Founder of the Blackwater Poetry Festival; publisher and editor at Rebel Poetry.

AUTHOR PROFILE: Anne Elezabeth Pluto is Professor of Literature and Theatre at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where she is the founder of Commonthought Magazine, and the artistic director and one of the founders of the Oxford Street Players, the university’s Shakespeare troupe. She is an alumna of Shakespeare & Company, and has been a member of the Worcester Shakespeare Company since 2011. She was a member of the Boston small press scene in the late 1980s and is one of the founders and editors at Nixes Mate Review. Her chapbook, The Frog Princess, was published by White Pine Press (1985), her eBook Lubbock Electric, by Argotist ebooks (2012), and her chapbook Benign Protection by Cervana Barva Press (2016). Recent publications include: The Buffalo Evening News, Unlikely Stories: Episode IV, Mat Hat Lit, Pirene’s Fountain, The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Mockingheart Review, Yellow Chair Review, Levure Litteraire – numero 12, The Naugatuck River Review, and Tuesday, An Art Project, and The Muddy River Review.

You sometimes find The Frog Princess on Amazon; Benign Protection can be purchased through Cervena Barva Press:

AUTHOR COMMENTS: I wanted to connect the disparate pieces/places of my life in this poem – to make order out of quotidian disorder, to find points of light and hope and share them.


Lords of the Wichita

For Teresa

High grass to winter wheat

eastern horizon ending in pinpoint

precision on the Great Plains

after Christmas

the Buffalo come to feed

in the morning stumbling

forward nostrils flared in

the weak winter sunlight.

We search for them in the Wichita

mountain preserve wild longhorn

cattle graze in dry pastures – subtle

noses find what tastes best – spotted

hides and painted markings – calves

stray close to their mommas – and

all is still – hawks on treetops

perched – a lonely life of watching

time – deer bed down to catch

the high noon overhead – prairie

dogs protected too in the Wichita

peeking out at passersby – in the trees

hidden a longhorn bull chews patiently

grown into his great beauty waiting as the cow

eats; he has all the time in this world for her

and they will make another

spotted calf next spring the Buffalo

leave a trail – wet patties to trace

the course of their long protected

walk – we find them – a phalanx of five

heads tilted west as the wind stirs

the great prairie – giant as boulders

easily mistaken for Gods.


WHERE TO BUY IT: Available from Amazon in Kindle…/…/ref=sr_1_36… or paperback…/…/ref=sr_1_15…

PRICE: 9.95 print; $2.99 ebook; Kindle Free.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR:; Twitter: @apluto

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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