Foreigner: A Novel by [Rachlin, Nahid]THE BOOK: Foreigner.

PUBLISHED IN: Published years ago but is constantly reissued and kept in print form as well as on Kindle

THE AUTHOR: Nahid Rachlin.

THE EDITOR: Carol Smith.


SUMMARY: A young woman from Iran comes to the US, goes to college, marries an American man and becomes a scientist. After many years in the U.S. she begins to feel her life is sterile here and returns to Iran in the search of her past, what she has left behind. And what she finds.

Nahid RachlinTHE BACK STORY: I had reached a stage in my life that I felt I didn’t know where I really belong, felt foreign in both the US and Iran, the country I came from. I wanted to shape those feelings in a character in my novel.

WHY THIS TITLE?: The title refers to the protagonist, a young woman, feels foreign in both America and Iran, the country she came from and tries to resolve that by returning to Iran and delving into her past

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? I think anyone who has questions about their identity, or just likes to read novels with cross-cultural issues, intermarriages, etc. would like reading it.

REVIEW COMMENTS: sample reviews of Foreigner:

Anne Tyler, NY Times Book Review: about Foreigner: “I am so impressed with Nahid Rachlin’s style–its purity and sparseness and immediacy. In remarkable few words, she has managed to bring to life an entire small pocket of existence… a rare intimate look at Iranians who are poorer and less educated… I have read (this book) four times by now, and each time I have discovered new layers in it. The voice is cool and pure. Bleak is the right word, if you will understand that bleakness can have a startling beauty.”

V.S. Naipaul: “An accomplished Iranian novel. Foreigner avoids political comment. Its protest is more oblique, the political constriction drives the passion deeper, and the novel with all its air of innocence, is a novel of violation, helplessness and defeat.” — Among the Believers.

“Rachlin’s prose carefully understates and suggests her heroine’s awakening to a pervasive atmosphere of menace and sensuality; residue of a culture she thinks she has abandoned, but which continues to claim her.” ― Bruce Allen, Chicago Tribune

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AUTHOR PROFILE:  Nahid Rachlin went to Columbia University Writing Program on a Doubleday-Columbia Fellowship and then went on to Stanford University writing program on a Wallace Stegner Fellowship. Her publications include a memoir, PERSIAN GIRLS (Penguin), four novels, JUMPING OVER FIRE (City Lights), FOREIGNER (W.W. Norton), MARRIED TO A STRANGER (E.P.Dutton-Morrow), CROWD OF SORROWS, a novella, (Kindle Singles). She has a new short story collection, A WAY HOME, in press (Ravenna Press) Fall 2018.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Go to Amazon page.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: You can find all of my published books on Amazon or order them in bookstores. My author page where you can find my published books and their prices: SAMPLE CHAPTER: you can find glimpsed into the novel by looking at the sample on Amazon under Foreigner

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