Welcome Distractions

THE BOOK: Welcome Distractions: Accessible Poems for Time-Strapped Humans


THE AUTHOR: Carol Wierzbicki

THE PUBLISHER: Autonomedia

SUMMARY: Wierzbicki successfully challenges the notion of what poetry is as she generously takes us to its core/essence. In this three-part collection, whether they are socio-politically charged poems, odes to the borough she lives in, poems written for her parents & her friends or for music she loves, the brilliant accuracy of her viewpoint, where she stands, & the direct humane manner in which she uses language is her strength & grace. There are plenty of anti-establishment writers who present themselves as wild rebels raging outside the system, or who tell tales about marginalized characters. Wierzbicki’s work offers a more bitter and more accurate takedown of many of the mainstream’s hollow idols and ideas. The deft conclusion of her ruminations is a sense of earned sadness about the tiny shifts people make to preserve a single shred of dignity in the corporate landscape. Wierzbicki constantly puts her finger on the workings of societal insanities so institutionally ingrained they cannot be questioned. The experience of reading this book is crucial for our times.

Carol WierzbickiWHY THIS TITLE? I sought to demystify poetry for the general readership. I like the immediacy of William Carlos Williams, and the imagist poets. Why deliberately obfuscate when you can make a direct connection to your reader?

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: People who don’t think of themselves as “readers of poetry” have instantly taken to this book. I’ve received much positive feedback from buyers.

REVIEW COMMENTS: 3 positive online reviews:

https://www.tribes.org/web/2018/7/16/review-of-c-welcome-distractions-accessible-poems-for-time-strapped-humans: “Carol Wierzbicki’s Welcome Distractions: Accessible Poems for Time-Strapped Humans is a terrific book of poems of/for our time. A book, dare I say it, of terrific female-take poems of and for our time, that will last, that should be required reading for all. And fun. And you will gasp: Yes! she nailed it.”

https://northofoxford.wordpress.com/2018/08/01/welcome-distractions-accessible-poems-for-time-strapped-humans-by-carol-wierzbicki: “In these unadorned beautifully written poems Wierzbicki writes of poets, politics, her beloved Brooklyn and much more… If you are a lover of poetry, of realism, of intense rhythmic poetry you should pick up a copy.”

http://galatearesurrects2018.blogspot.com/2018/07/welcome-distractions-by-carol-wierzbicki.html: “The irreverence of these poems in the first section especially are best read aloud to yourself in front of a mirror so you can see and not just feel what’s it’s like to be cut down to size.”

AUTHOR PROFILE: Carol Wierzbicki is a poet, editor and reviewer. Her publication credits include Long Shot, Public Illumination, Evergreen Review, Big Bridge, Many Mountains Moving, The Otter, and A Gathering of the Tribes. Her book reviews have appeared in The Brooklyn Rail and American Book Review. She has run poetry readings in New York City, and is co-editor of the Unbearables “Worst Book” and “Sex” anthologies. Her poetry books are Top Teen Greatest Hits (Poets Wear Prada, 2009 and 2017) and Welcome Distractions: Accessible Poems for Time-Strapped Humans (Autonomedia, 2018). She is writing a series of books for children.


Champion Cat Breeder

So you’re big in the poetry world.
Who cares?
It’s like being a champion cat breeder
You move in weird, fussy
little circles
where egos erupt like
Big in the poetry world—
What does that mean?
Do people flock to your side,
hang on your every word?
Well, they’re just other poets, aren’t they—
they already know what you’re going to say
being part of your incestuous
cat-fanciers circle
and they make sure to stroke you
as you proudly display the
nose, tail and coat
of your poem,
and laugh at your
lame jokes so you’ll publish
their stuff in your
cat-fanciers magazine.
Over the years
the other cat fanciers in your circle
have developed nervous tics:
their ears twitch or
they’re always cleaning
some imaginary schmutz
off their whiskers.
If refreshments are offered
they pounce.
Later, they exchange
carefully-worded critiques
between preenings
and gingerly pick their way
among the knots of obscure people
they’ve resolved to avoid
on their way to kitchen
or litter box.

LOCAL OUTLETS: https://www.amazon.com/Welcome-Distractions-Accessible-Time-Strapped-Humans/dp/1570273367/

WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: Copies available upon request from the author.

PRICE: $15

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: carol.wierzbicki@gmail.com

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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