Mostly White

Mostly White by [Alison Hart]

Alison HartTHE BOOK: Mostly White.


THE AUTHOR: Alison Hart.

THE PUBLISHER: Torrey House Press.

SUMMARY:  Spanning four generations of a mixed-race family, Mostly White is a powerful tale of inter-generational trauma and the healing brought by wildness, music, and the resilience of women. From Emma, who survives the abuse of an Indian residential school in 1890s Maine, to Ella, who navigates color lines in 1980s New York City, Alison Hart’s unforgettable characters fight to form their own identities and honor the call of their ancestors.

: Mostly White is a book I had to write, a narrative I longed to see in literature, film, theater, a mixed-race point of view that reflected my experience and my family’s experience in America. It took me six years to write sitting at my kitchen table when I wasn’t teaching music at an elementary school or making dinner for my son.  

WHY THIS TITLE?:  It encapsulates the mixed-race experience of being racially ambiguous, perhaps passing as white or not passing. The characters are constantly bumping up against the status quo of racial categories in often insidious ways.


Mixed race history is American history. My family has been intermarrying in Maine, Black, Native and Irish for hundreds of years. Read a different point of view of the American story.


“So compelling it gave me goosebumps from the very first pages.” —ISABEL ALLENDE (National Book Award-winning author of In the Midst of Winter and The House of Spirits)

“Blood ties spanning almost a century connect Emma, an Indian Residential School runaway, to her great-granddaughter, Ella, a struggling actor. Hart draws on autobiographical details, turning her truth to fiction.” —BOOKLIST

“Explores intergenerational trauma and power as these women survive and thrive, rising above poverty, racism and abuse through their connection with community, music, their ancestors and the power of nature.” —EAST BAY TIMES

E: Alison Hart’s debut novel MOSTLY WHITE was praised by award-winning best-selling author Isabel Allende as: “So compelling, it gave me goosebumps…”  Hart read with other “East Bay literary luminaries” Margaret Wilkerson Sexton, Vanessa Hua and S. A. Lelchuck at the 2019 Lit by The Lake event. Other work includes a poetry collection TEMP WORDS (Cosmo Press 2015).  Hart studied theater at New York University and holds an MA from Saint Mary’s College in Teaching Leadership. She is a musician, music educator and mother.


If we can cultivate empathy for ourselves we can then perhaps have empathy for others.

Art can create bridges between people, a place to reflect on another’s experience, this is a starting point. I offer my work as a place to launch into voices other than your own, to gain a different understanding of history of what it means to be American. It is going to take empathy to change things, my novel won’t solve everything but my hope is that it can cultivate a sense of connectedness in the reader with the characters creating insight to themselves and others.


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