First Tuesday Replay, Sept. 14

This feature has a two-fold purpose: 1. To allow those recently added to our followers list to discover books they might have missed and 2. To make sure previously featured authors and their work aren’t forgotten. If you’d like to learn more about any of the books revisited here, simply click on the “Authors” page, then on that author’s name.


Abandoned Earth: poems by [Rumney, Linwood D.]

Regardless of the tradition I am writing into or in response to, I value accessibility and music, and I hope these values are evident in the book as a whole. There’s also enough formal and stylistic variety in the book that there’s likely to be poems it to appeal to just about anyone, regardless of taste. The work includes short, restrained lyrics that play with syntax, as well as expansive narrative poems. There are strictly formal poems as well as absurdist prose poems. There are earnest poems about love, death, and suffering as well as humorous poems. I worked hard to organize the book into a coherent whole, so those who are interested in such things will find various narrative subtexts spanning the book.


The Voyage of the Stingrayis a nautical adventure, full of surprises, suspense and intrigue. A new, top-secret type of submarine – USS Stingray (SSL 1001) – is being developed by the US Navy. Commander Jeff Woodbridge is given command of the SSL project after it broke its first captain and killed the next one! Assistance comes in the unlikely form of an MIT dropout sent to help them with their new electronic toys. Slowly the captain and crew learn how to use it and to take advantage of its special talents – small size, stealth and littoral (close to shore) operations.

Richard Steinitz

NCIS is sent to investigate the death of the previous captain and discovers it is not an accident. Stingray is dispatched on Sudden Deployment, and sails on two hours’ notice – leaving part of the crew behind. The boat’s medical officer, Dr. Ellyn Gross, sails with her, contrary to Navy regs. In addition, an unintentional stowaway is found.

Stingray heads for the Middle East, takes on a SEAL team and heads for the Iranian coast.


Cowboy movies and TV shows were a staple of my Brooklyn childhood. The “romance” of the far-way west was woven into Russian fairy tales and the stories of the Arabian nights. I have long been interested in narrative journeys and the calendar year: the seasons, both in their weather and in their religious holidays. These poems are a collection of love poems, started when I first met my husband, who then lived in Lubbock, Texas. The first 12 poems start the aim to create a heart made from the cotton cattle prairie landscape and the two people from disparate worlds as they fall, together, into the future, which leads the speaker back to other worlds: the following 22 poems weave Brooklyn family lore and Boston landmarks to finish the book.

A Murder of Principle by [Coryell, Susan]


What happens when an unscrupulous principal threatens to destroy a model high school?

A new principal takes Harding High by storm, wreaking havoc with every executive order, every decision, tearing down the stellar school tenet by tenet. Teachers, other administrators, students, parents—the community at large increasingly react to the tremors shaking Harding High as Principal Wendy Storme churns a destructive path through their traditions, values and protocol. Everyone seems to have a valid motive for murder.

English department chair Rose Lane, and her rookie sidekick, intern Penny Bright, are determined to move the hurricane force Storme out of Harding for good…except that somebody beats them to it with the decisiveness of murder.


A scheming would-be novelist, his prim, closet-alcoholic boss and a discerning homeless veteran have their fates thrown together by the 1989 S.F. earthquake. The distinct first-person voice of the schemer, and that of the homeless veteran and the secret alcoholic make for an at times rollicking, at times sad collision of lives. Their interplay is disastrous, surprising, and richly human. Through the fragile fault lines of these rocky relationships runs humor, loss and longing for connection.


Writes one reviewer: “Following an ancient tradition of craft and inspiration, Erynn Rowan Laurie’s work breathes in wonder, transmutes it into crisp lyricism, and offers it, sharp and focused, back to the waking world. Grounded in experience, dream, and story, these poems declare with rich attention the world voice of the divine, the warp and weft of myth, the complexity of being human, and the great beauty of the earth, rough and sweet. Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a collection for all who seek to invite in the raw, poetic nature of being and witness the singing of spirits and powers; bluejay, human struggle, mandrake, divine story, seashore… all brought into focus by the magic of the sacred word.” Ruby Sara – editor of “Datura” and “Mandragora.”

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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