When Silence Screams

When Silence Screams (The Arthur Nakai Mysteries Book 3) (An Arthur Nakai Mystery)

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THE BOOK: When Silence Screams.


THE AUTHOR:  Mark Edward Langley.

THE BACK STORY: I decided to write this book when I learned of the 5,712 girls and women that went missing on Native reservations in Canada and the USA in 2016. The more I read and learned, and the amount of missing fliers I went through from MMIW (Missing and Murderer Indigenous Women), put a face to the number and shocked me. I thought, “Why is this not known? Why is this not talked about?” The families stories touched my heart, and made me think I needed to create a story around a fictional 19-year-old girl who gets caught up in the horrifying world sex trafficking by talking with someone on a fake online profile. She is never seen again.

WHY THIS TITLE?: I chose this title because it is what the FDMI (Field Deputy Medical Investigator) says to another character in the book. “These girls’ voices are not heard before they are stolen. When I meet them, it’s like they are speaking to me because that is when their silence screams. “LOOK AT ME! SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!”

Mark Edward Langley

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT?:  I think someone would want to read a good story involving characters that are relatable and ones they can cheer for, cry with and laugh with. Though my characters are Navajo, I think the stories they tell will make the reader see them not only as Native American, but people just like themselves struggling with a lot of the same issues and some the reader is not. I want to raise awareness. I also touch on Navajo beliefs and traditions trying to educate the reader with another point of view.


Regarding my series:

1) “Langley’s third installment of his Arthur Nakai Mysteries is the most thrilling yet. The characters are fully formed, and the danger is real and urgent. Langley has an unmatched feel for his New Mexico setting, both the landscape and the culture. A master of dialogue, Langley lets the banter flow freely and allows the mystery to drive the story from the opening pages to its heart-pounding conclusion.  There’s not a better detective writer in the American West.”   — James Wade, Spur Award-Winning author of All Things Left Wild and River, Sing Out.

2) “With Death Waits in the Dark, Mark Edward Langley offers readers an utterly compelling portrait of human beings struggling to deal with the aftermath of great trauma. Langley writes about the great Southwest with a loving eye for detail that fans of Tony and Anne Hillerman will readily embrace. I was utterly captured by this fine second novel in the Arthur Nakai series. Along with those who are already fans, I can only hope that there will be many more stories to come. I recommend this book with a full heart. ” — William Kent Krueger, New York Times Best-selling author of This Tender Land and Ordinary Grace.

3) “Death Waits in the Dark tells a gritty story of betrayal, deceit, and danger through the eyes of Navajo protagonist Arthur Nakai. The tightly written noir plot moves from scene to scene like a thriller, building suspense in every page.” — Anne Hillerman, New York Times best-selling author of the Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novels.

4) “Combining the gait of a fine horse, the comfort of your favorite Indian blanket, and the ease of a well-worn saddle, Mark Edward Langley’s Path of the Dead  is one heck of a debut novel!” — Craig Johnson, New York Times best-selling Author of the Longmire Series.

AUTHOR PROFILE: I have always felt a kinship with the American Southwest. It was where my heart and soul were first touched immediately by the beauty of the landscape and the wonder of its people. Revisiting it in my 30’s, I realized I was home among the red rocks and desert landscapes on New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. My goal is to move there so I can be within driving distance of all the locations in my books.  When you read my books you get the sense that I’ve driven the hard-packed dirt roads, highways, visited the ruins, and moved through the communities … and I have. I believe you cannot write about an area if you yourself have not seen, smelled, touched, heard, and absorbed it into your soul. The Arthur Nakai Mystery Series includes Path of the Dead, Death Waits in the Dark (which was a finalist in the American Book Fest Awards in 2020 and won the Feathered Quill Award for best mystery of 2021) and When Silence Screams (Winner of the Public Safety Writers Association Award). I am currently writing my fourth novel of the series, Broken Glass, due out August 2022 as well as book five, Midnight Harvest, due out in 2023. My wife, Barbara, and I divide their time between their home in Indiana and the state of New Mexico.  

SAMPLE: Amazon.com: Mark Edward Langley: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

WHERE TO BUY IT: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent booksellers.

PRICE: $15.99.

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Markedwardlangley.com. From there people can click on my social media pages, watch book trailers, read more reviews, listen to my radio and podcast interviews and much more!

Mark Edward Langley, award-winning author of the Arthur Nakai MysteriesAuthor @ markedwardlangley.comAuthor @ blackstonepublishing.com

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  1. I will have to add this one to my list. It is definitely a topic that needs to be shared. I will also be checking out the others in the Arthur Nakai mysteries series. Best of luck with this.


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