A Woman Always Knows

A Woman Always Knows by [Libby Belle]

THE BOOK: A Woman Always Knows

PUBLISHED IN: October 15, 2021

THE AUTHOR: Libby Belle

THE PUBLISHER: Pure Luck Press

SUMMARY: Mix the ordinary with the extraordinary and find yourself walking hand in hand with these unordinary characters struggling to get through this crazy life one nutty experience at a time. Read these exciting stories for pleasure. Read for fun. Embrace your wonderful imagination!

THE BACK STORY: Take a fertile and fearless mind harboring a massive vault of priceless stories told by friends, family, and strangers – blend them with my own quirky adventures, stir in a pinch of blarney, and voilà! I now have the perfect ingredients for a lifetime of short stories.

WHY THIS TITLE: When I was a young married woman doubting myself, my favorite aunt told me, “A woman always knows.” I believed her.

Libby Belle (Author of The Juicy Parts)

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: To be taken outside the box, to the moon, around the bend, on the road less traveled, and return craving more.


“At first you think these stories are about outlandish situations and strange characters. But look closer, and there’s something familiar. Wrapped in humor, there is sadness and joy, injury and kindness, loneliness and friendship — and, of course, love. This is Libby Belle’s gift: to sketch a world you can hardly imagine but color it with details you know. You’ll lose yourself, then find yourself, in these fantastic stories.” — Don Tassone, author of Francesca

“I can see anyone of these delightful stories as a screenplay.” — Evelyn M. Turner, author of Crawling out of the Darkness

AUTHOR PROFILE: Libby Belle lives in Austin, Texas, a city that thrives on weirdness – a perfect playground to nurture her fertile imagination. It’s also where all six of her beautiful children, ten grandchildren, and a bunch of wonderful wacky friends and relatives reside. She has written over a hundred stories, a book of poetry, and a half-dozen songs. If she’s not writing, she’s conjuring up her next story.

“I even write in my dreams,” she says. “It’s a most wonderful curse!”

Her stories have been published in London and New York magazines and Texas newspapers. Her first collection of short stories was published in 2020. Look for The Juicy Parts and other Quirky Stories on major outlets.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: https://www.libbybelle.com/take-a-peek

LOCAL OUTLETS: Austin Art Garage

WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, major outlets

PRICE: $18.50 print, Kindle free, eBook $8.50

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: http://www.LibbyBelle.com

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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