: 2022

THE AUTHOR: Scott Stedman

: Greenleaf Book Group

SUMMARY: “There aren’t many coders like that, not that I’ve ever met. You just might find that the mouse is really a lion, and even worse, that the lion has your head in her mouth.”TWELVE-YEAR-OLD MOUSE GAMMA has spent her entire life struggling to communicate. She’s never understood how to stop the bullies and negligent foster parents without causing more trouble than it’s worth. That is until she discovers the magic of code—a language that’s more powerful than anything she’s ever imagined.

To everyone’s surprise, Mouse is anonymously chosen to attend the prestigious Rickum Academy—an incubator for the brightest and most promising young minds in tech. Her excitement is short-lived as the mystery of how she ended up at Rickum very quickly unravels around her, threatening the safety of her new life and the innocent lives of those around her. With the help of her new friends, Ada and Boone, Mouse is in a race against her classmates, her teachers, and the most powerful man in tech to not only uncover the truth about who she is, but who she is not.

THE BACK STORY: I wrote Mouse as my own daughter turned thirteen. As my daughter got older and began reading the stories I’d loved as a kid, I’d found that some of the things I’d felt were so disheartening were still embedded in the framework of the fantasy genre. I felt that code not only released the genre from the dated ‘aristocracy’ of sorcerers but also gave my daughter an inspiring role model who was passionate about STEM. I wanted her to have a character she could relate to who used tech in magical ways to give herself agency and strength in a world that was loaded against her.

WHY THIS TITLE?: Main character’s name

Mouse shows that even the smallest person can become the most powerful person when they are passionate and unrelenting – and STEM enables girls to create the change that they imagine.


“A creative, fast-paced tale that blends the magic and friendship of Harry Potter with the high-tech brilliance of Big Hero 6. A must for coders, hackers, and noobs alike.” —Henry Neff, bestselling author of The Tapestry series and Impyrium

“Stedman’s debut novel is an intricately plotted technological thriller with a big heart. Readers will keep turning pages and rooting for Mouse—an underdog coding prodigy out to prove her worth at an elite boarding school where she unexpectedly finds a family whole searching for her missing parents. A fun, engaging, and smart read!” —H.A. Swain, author of Hungry and Gifted

“Mouse is a Nancy Drew mystery for the WIRED-era that reminds us that coding isn’t just a STEM essential, but a path to creativity, self-discovery, and belonging.” —R. Michael Hendrix, co-author of Two Beats Ahead and partner at IDEO

“It takes a special writer to understand that computers are the most human things our species has ever built, and that the lines between making and magic and machines are the most porous of boundaries. A riveting, thrilling, and wildly imaginative novel.” —Jeff Howe, author of Crowdsourcing and contributing editor of WIRED magazine.

AUTHOR PROFILE: Scott Stedman is a serial entrepreneur, business leader, and an advisor to a diverse group of companies. He most recently served as Chief Growth and Product Officer for Havas + Arnold Worldwide, and the CMO of MDC Media Partners. Stedman also founded and ran Brooklyn’s Northside Media Group, and has hosted innovation and entrepreneurship events in New York, Miami, Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles. In addition, he is a co-founder of TOURISTS, a luxury hotel resort that was named one of Fodor Magazine’s Top 100 Finest Hotels in the World, and Tablet Magazine’s #1 Boutique Hotel in the World. He also founded a curated community of creative leaders and poets called Saturnalia, and currently sits on the board of the Made in NY Media Center and the YMCA.

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 I found so much inspiration growing up from books like David Eddings series The Belgariad, Susan Cooper’s series The Dark is Rising, much as another generation have found great comfort in Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Still, there was always an undercurrent of disappointment that I knew I would not among that great aristocracy of magicians and sorcerers. Mouse flips the script to give agency to young people. Using the power of code and hacking, Mouse creates magic and harnesses the great power that comes with it – and she does so on her own terms without being invited into a special society. She blasts the doors open and creates her own.



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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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