Preternatural: Reckoning

THE BOOK: Preternatural: Reckoning

: 2022

THE AUTHOR:  Peter Topside

: Meadowsville Quille

SUMMARY: In the first book of the Preternatural trilogy, readers are introduced to the town of Meadowsville, the home of the most popular urban myth, Mr. Smith. This vicious, vampire-like entity rules over this booming town by any means necessary, slaughtering its citizens, and upholding a long-standing tradition. As the danger grows, residents of Meadowsville band together to fight this dangerous monster and embark on an undertaking that will change each of them and their town forever.

Peter Topside

In book two, readers follow Alexandra as she returns to Meadowville fifteen years after the vampire Blackheart was defeated to take over her father’s church. Throughout the novel, Alexandra struggles to find her true purpose, torn between her shaky loyalty to Christian Reed – the unstable town antihero who vanquished Blackheart years ago – and increasing efforts at seduction and manipulation from Blackheart himself.

On April 12, 2022, author Peter Topside will release the highly anticipated third and final book in the trilogy, Preternatural: Reckoning [ISBN: 9781736347225], an entertaining and fast-paced psychological horror that pushes its audience to combat their fears, insecurities, and traumas. Set a year after Blackheart was finally put to rest, he now finds himself cast out of the afterlife and back to his old ways. Planning a war on God, Blackheart resurrects John Smith to assist him in this quest, all while acting as a false prophet and savior to the people of Meadowsville. Follow the final adventures of Alexandra Hughes and the Reed family, as they work together to destroy this legendary monster once and for all, or find themselves in hell on earth.

THE BACK STORY. “I traveled to a lot of the dark corners of my mind, confronting the deepest and scariest aspects of my PTSD, over many years, but I was able to make it through successfully,” shares Topside. “Throughout my recovery process, I was able to funnel all of the energy, thoughts and feelings into my writing. My books are the culmination of my own personal, life-changing journey.”

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? “My books have a lot of hidden meanings throughout, ranging from religious undertones, to psychological elements, references to some of the classic horror films and stories, etc.  Each reader can have their own unique experience with the trilogy, which is why I wrote it a certain way.  The main takeaway messages that I would put across are to develop your own type of spirituality, be empathetic and respectful to your fellow man, and always be true to yourself.


“Peter Topside did a fantastic job of setting the stage for the reappearance of some of the first two books’ characters, and I like how the tension is constantly being ramped up as the story progresses. The right amount of tweaking with the pacing and tension can have a significant effect on how surreal a scene appears to the reader and the author had excellent control over both aspects. Scenes were vivid, unnerving, and overall, just how I love them in books in this genre. The characters were well written too, and John Smith’s dark humor was a nice touch to an already memorable character. Other members of the cast had their own unique quirks and personalities, so I was also pleased with the character development. In conclusion, this was an interesting book, and fans of the series are in for a treat.” — Reader’s Favorite

AUTHOR PROFILE: Peter Topside is an accomplished chef and baker, movie fanatic, a proud father and husband, and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist by trade. His books are the culmination of his own personal, life-changing journey of triumphing over the PTSD of his traumatic upbringing. He hopes to inspire readers to bravely fight their own battles with anxiety and depression.”



PRICE: $8.99


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