The Unsinkable Gus Davis

THE BOOK:  The Unsinkable Gus Davis

PUBLISHED IN: June 21, 2022

THE AUTHOR: Laurie Trumble Davis

THE EDITOR: Simone Kaplan

THE PUBLISHER: The Collective Book Studios

SUMMARYGus Davis is a French bulldog who thinks he can do anything—even swim. Bean is Gus’s human best friend who thinks bulldogs aren’t designed for the water.

Who is right?

It turns out, they both are!

All it takes is a persistent bulldog and a creative human friend to prove that, with a little practice and adaptation, anything is possible. The Unsinkable Gus Davis is a playful story about figuring things out, staying safe around water, and laughing along the way!

THE BACK STORY: Gus was a strong-willed, lovable French bulldog dog with a quirky little bark who insisted on doing things his way and on his terms! When Gus insisted on swimming—against all odds—I knew I had to tell his story. Not many people know this, but Gus was bitten by a Lyme tick when he was young.  As a result he became stiff and lacked mobility in his hind quarters making it extra difficult to swim, but that didn’t keep Gus down! His desire to participate in any activity by the water inspired us to find a way he could safely. His story is one that celebrates friendship, determination and creative problem solving while bringing awareness to water safety in a non-scary, non-confrontational way.

WHY THIS TITLE? The title just kind of came to me but as I consider the question I realize there’s quite a bit of meaning. “Unsinkable” describes Gus and his attitude, both in the way he lived his life and while wearing his life jacket! “Gus Davis” was an affectionate nickname. It was also how I would get Gus’s attention, especially when he would get into mischief which was daily!

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? The Unsinkable Gus Davis is an adorable book with fun relatable characters who have a warm, supportive relationship.  The book also teaches an important lesson around water safety, perseverance and teamwork while being engaging and never didactic.  


“Cool tones of rippling waves and weathered wood contrast with patches of orange and pink in the splashy illustrations of this story about working together and never giving up. Gus wants to swim and refuses to accept his best friend Bean’s assertion that ‘bulldogs can’t swim.’ He remains undaunted through multiple attempts—and rescues from Bean. A little ingenuity helps Gus accomplish his goal while readers glean a subtle message on water safety.”

—Foreword Reviews

“A sweet celebration of the bond between kids and their dogs.”

—Colby Greenhalgh, NH/ME Territory Manager, Pet Food Expert

“Wicked cute … an excellent story for children of all ages.”

—Evangelos Baltas, Second Class Petty Officer, United States Navy

“A heartwarming book that … teaches an important lesson about pet safety around the water.”

—Kerri Rose, Retired Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT)

“Lovable Gus teaches us to never give up. As a vet with over 30 years experience, I am glad to see this story finally told.” 

—Dr. Leslie Marci, VMD, Acorn Animal Hospital, Franklin MA

AUTHOR PROFILE: Laurie Trumble Davis is a book lover who lives in Hopkinton, Massachusetts with her family. For more than 20 years, Laurie has enjoyed summers on Cape Cod, at Schoolhouse Pond, where Gus (her family’s French bulldog) believed he was the best swimmer on the pond. And he was … especially when wearing his life jacket!  Although this is her debut picture book, Laurie is no stranger to the world of books and book selling. She has worked for Barnes & Noble coordinating author appearances in New England. She has also done publicity and promotions in news media. In her free time, Laurie enjoys snickerdoodle iced coffee (cream,no sugar) and taking her puppy, Odin on adventures.


Aesop’s Fable in Holliston, MA

Word on the Street, Marlboro MA

Wellesley Books, Wellesley, MA



Barnes & Noble:


PRICE: $17.95 hardcover and $7.99 ebook

CONTACT THE AUTHOR:  Connect with Laurie on Instagram @laurietrumbledavis and learn more at–

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