Andrea Hoffman Goes All In

THE BOOK: Andrea Hoffman Goes All In

: 2022

THE AUTHOR: Diane Cohen Schneider

: She Writes Press is a hybrid model independent press named the 2019 Independent Publisher of the Year by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group. Working with them has been fabulous– extremely professional and extremely supportive. Brooke Warner is the publisher and Lauren Wise is my project manager.

SUMMARY: Andrea Hoffman is an overeducated, underemployed, and unmotivated recent college graduate—until a harrowing robbery blasts her out of her funk and into a job in the finance world of early-1980s Chicago. At first, it seems like a bad fit. But the world of finance has its own weird charm, and she grows increasingly fascinated by the strange language of trading, the complexity of the stock market, and her colleagues, who navigate it all with ruthless confidence. Even though she has two strikes against her—Jewish and female—Andrea’s quick wit and strong work ethic propel her into an actual sales job and her career takes off. But this is the Wall Street of the eighties, and along with making a lot more money, Andrea adopts a new, fast life of cocktails, cocaine, and casual sex. Drunk on her achievements, she gradually realizes that at some point, she’s going to have to decide what success really means to her.

This is a coming-of-age novel as Andrea learns to move away from her parents’ expectations and establish a life for herself on her terms. It is also very much a workplace novel. In many books, the main characters have a job but the realities of working aren’t explored. The workings of Andrea’s office, the details of her job and the setting of the world of finance take center stage in this novel.  Anyone who has had a love/hate relationship with their work will relate to Andrea’s struggles but also her feeling of connection with her office family and the satisfaction she gets from her success.

: When I was working on Wall Street, I would write down descriptions of the people in a meeting I was attending or a colorful phrase a trader would use.  Years later, when the book and then the movie adaptation of Wolf of Wall Street came out, I realized that I had been there during that time (1980’s)  and as a woman, I had a very different story to tell.  Luckily, I had saved all my old notes but before I could start writing, I had to teach myself how to write a novel!  I started with books from the library and eventually took courses and workshops. At one point I had an agent who “got close” but failed to sell the manuscript.  A few re-writes later, She Writes agreed to publish it. I think the whole process took about a dozen years. If you believe in your story, don’t give up!

WHY THIS TITLE?: I had always thought the title of this novel was The Laws and Effects of Money. It comes from a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that states,  “In its effects and laws, money is as beautiful as roses.” However, nobody ever liked the title. Everyone said it sounded too much like non-fiction. Finally, I conceded and started trying to find a new title that was fun but didn’t sound like porn. Andrea does Wall Street?  Nope. The Money Honey? Eeew.  Then, this popped into my head and frankly, I can’t imagine the book being called anything else.

 While a lot of books these days are incredibly brilliant and worthwhile reading, they aren’t exactly fun. My favorite thing to do is make someone laugh and although this book does have some tense, scary and even tragic moments, overall it’s fun and Andrea is funny and someone you can happily root for.  Also, I don’t think the world of finance and investing is well known to many people. Andrea  Hoffman Goes All In is not a textbook but I do think people will enjoy visiting a world they don’t often read about.


“This book is going to take you on a fabulous 80s adventure in the heart of the go-go Wall Street era, when finance was the wild west and the cocaine cowboys were in charge. But wait–what about the women? Andrea Hoffman Goes All In answers that question…(as she) brings us the financial world we never knew, a world she knows well, her own world of money, love, ambition, excess, and success, reimagined. By turns hilarious, poignant, deep, charming, and brutal–and always true–Andrea Hoffman will keep you guessing, and keep you up all night.” —-Bill Roorbach, author of LUCKY TURTLE and LIFE AMONG GIANTS

“Ms. Cohen Schneider evokes both the ebullience and the excess of that era [1980s], all the while charming the reader with her heroine’s trajectory through her twenties. I found myself rooting for her, sympathizing with her, and fondly remembering my own less-than-straight path through life. An engaging coming-of-age story that will appeal to all ages.”      — Deborah Goodrich Royce  Award-winning author of Ruby Falls and Finding Mrs. Ford

“…this tale is ultimately a charming probe into a young woman’s pursuit of what she wants to do and who she wants to be… Schneider has created an endearing, authentic lead.” Kirkus Reviews 

AUTHOR PROFILE:  Diane Cohen Schneider is very proud to have come from Downers Grove, a smallish suburb just outside of Chicago, IL.Even though she lived most of her life in Stamford, CT., she still roots for the Cubs, the Bulls and the Bears.  Diane left Chicago to earn an economics degree at Brandeis University and returned for an M.B.A. at Northwestern’s School of Management. Then she put her schooling to good use working as an Institutional  Equity Salesman. Yes, she’d never heard of that job either until she became one! After leaving Wall Street, she found hadn’t lost her love of money management and continued to teach personal finance wherever they’d let her. Diane says her job during these years, her job was “facilitator” as she facilitated the lives of her husband, three kids, various cats, and the world’s most wonderful yellow lab. It was during this time that she started to study writing and began her novel. She and her husband  recently moved to Santa Fe, NM where there are three hundred days a year of sunshine and a vibrant and supportive writing community.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: Everybody is familiar with our legal system and medical system from watching hours of medical and legal dramas on T.V.  The language and practices are second nature to most people. But, there hasn’t been a big hit about working in money management. (Please don’t use The Wolf of Wall Street as an example of what goes on in the investing world!) I wanted my novel, not to be a textbook, but make people slightly more familiar with the world of finance and thus slightly less intimidated by it.  I think people’s financial health is absolutely as important as their physical health and hope this book makes them interested enough to learn more about it.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Please read a sample chapter of my book on my Amazon listing.

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