Praying With the Enemy

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THE BOOK: Praying With the Enemy

: 2022

THE AUTHOR:  Steven T. Collis

: Shadow Mountain

SUMMARY: Based on the true story of an American POW during the Korean War and a North Korean soldier who become unlikely allies united in their shared faith in God during a daring escape to freedom. 

When his jet malfunctions, Captain Ward Millar makes a last-second decision to eject over enemy territory in North Korea before his plane explodes. His parachute barely opens before impact, saving his life, but the hard landing snaps both of his ankles. Unable to walk, Captain Millar is easily captured by North Korean and Chinese soldiers. His captors interrogate, threaten, and starve him in an attempt to extract strategic wartime information.

He stalls the inevitable by feeding the enemy false information, but it’s only a matter of time before they discover his lies. Millar plots a bold, seemingly impossible plan to escape. He knows it will take a miracle to pull it off, but he’s not sure if praying to a higher power would even work. He wishes he had faith like his wife, whose firm belief in God can move mountains.

When Barbara Millar receives a telegram informing her that her husband is missing in action behind enemy lines, her family and friends accept the grim reality that Ward is almost certainly dead. Yet Barbara, a woman of deep and sustaining faith, refuses to believe it. She still feels his presence and their connection as strongly as ever. She is certain her husband will return, but she doesn’t know how the war and his ordeal might have changed him.

North Korean soldier Kim Jae Pil was raised to believe in the power of prayer, but because the Communist Party kills or imprisons any religious group they perceive as a threat to their power and influence, Kim and his family must keep their Christian faith secret. He has been anxious to return to his family and then escape across the border to South Korea.

With Millar still imprisoned and unable to walk, and the North Korean army becoming increasingly suspicious of Kim’s actions, it seems impossible that either man will find the freedom they so desperately desire. But when these wartime foes cross paths, they find in each other an unlikely ally. Despite speaking different languages, Millar and Kim find common ground in their fragile faith and must rely on each other to undertake a daring escape.

Praying with the Enemy is a story of courage, determination, unlikely friendship, and enduring faith. 

THE BACK STORY: It was just an unbelievably compelling story. an American fighter pilot shot down behind enemy lines during the Korean War; broke both his ankles; was captured, interrogated, and held captive for months; managed to escape, only to be recaptured by a North Korean soldier under orders to execute him on sight. But the North Korean had a secret. He was a closeted Christian, forced into the army of a regime determined to destroy anyone dedicated to a religion. Together, the two men made a miraculous escape to freedom in the South. The American returned home to his bride and toddler. The Korean built a life in South Korea, although he would always be separated from his family in the North. 

WHY THIS TITLE?: Two soldiers from battling armies joined together, bonded by a common faith. That led me to think of the title.  

This is one of the more compelling stories to come out of war. It is uplifting, filled with romance, grit, survival, faith, and the complexity of emotions we all face. It is unique because so much of it is true. I think it will speak to a general audience, but niche audiences interested in war, survival, Korea, faith, or spirituality will especially find it compelling.  


“An original, deftly crafted and reader compelling novel.” — Midwest Book Review

E: Trained in law, religion, and creative writing, Steven T. Collis is a storyteller at heart. The author of Deep Conviction and The Immortals, he is also a law professor at the University of Texas—Austin, where he is the faculty director of the Bech-Loughlin First Amendment Center. Prior to that, he was a research fellow at Stanford Law School. He has been quoted in media outlets nationwide and speaks across the United States and the world on writing, his books, and the freedoms found in the First Amendment.


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