A Sky of Infinite Blue

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THE BOOK: A Sky of Infinite Blue.


THE AUTHOR: Kyomi O’Connor.

THE EDITOR: Brooke Warner, (and Krissa Lagos)

THE PUBLISHER: She Writes Press, Hybrid publisher -10th anniversary in 2022

SUMMARY: A Sky of Infinite Blue describes the author Kyomi O’Connor’s spiritual journey. Kyomi believes it’s a shared journey for everyone.

Right from the start, Kyomi’s life was full of emotional difficulties; an adulterous father, an over-reliant mother, and a dismissive extended family. To escape her dark life in Japan, Kyomi left Japan for the states to start her new life, where she fell in love with her future husband: Patrick, a warm, charismatic cancer researcher who helped her to finally heal her past traumas through his unconditional love and support.

Together, they changed careers and moved to San Diego, where they dedicated themselves to the Buddhism practice that had changed their lives and aided them in their spiritual growth and desire to help others.

Then Patrick was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic melanoma in his brain, and after a fierce, three-year battle against cancer, he passed away. Kyomi was lost in grief. But when she started writing after his passing, she realized that doing so surfaced many old, unhealed wounds and ultimately became her daily spiritual practice, uncovering truth from the darkness.

In this part immigrant memoir, part spiritual meditation, Kyomi shares how, even with her husband gone, she found the love and light that had been within her all along.

THE BACK STORY: While I was caregiving Patrick, I had to act like a warrior to protect him. For this, I kept all the needs, doubts, regrets and shame of myself risen along with various events deep inside of me. After his passing, I suffered from not only from losses from his death, but also newly rising unsolved questions, some of which were rooted in my childhood.

Nine months after his death, I clearly saw myself in dualism of pretension and lies. To find what were real, I had to self-examine and express how I was doing, why I was doing, and how that happened to see me and my life in the light of truth.

At times of writing, I was in excruciating pains and agonies to face the realities of my life, and the people who I love dearly in my life. My spiritual Buddhist principles of offering, disciplines, perseverance, practice, meditation, and wisdom helped me stay on course whenever writing became a challenge. I was undergoing all the grieving, learning how to write a memoir, and actually facing difficulties from the past.

Overall, from the very beginning of writing (April 2017) to the completion of the writing (December 2020), it took three and a half years for me to write this memoir.

WHY THIS TITLE?: A Sky of Infinite Blue was one of several candidates the editors brought on the table. As soon as I saw it, I chose this title in less than a second. This title fits and blends into the world of my book so beautifully.

I was born in Japan and immigrated to the United States. Just like anyone else, my journey consists of various places and times in my life. However, my spiritual journey is not just open to the future, but always circled back to find the origin of who I am, my being, integral beyond times and places.

The title of my memoir expresses the infinite journey of not only me, but all of us, many cluster of cherry blossoms, us, in the world, living in the infinitely free and blue sky.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? My audience is anyone, particularly, women, who are aware of our life challenges, who want to find a way, and/or who think they are helpless at times.

Specifically, those who underwent childhood emotional abuse, illness and/or death of loved one, caregiving, and those who have multi-cultural backgrounds, spiritual seeker, seeker of a Buddhism, inspiration, truth and love

In my book, I opened myself in the light of truth, which came from extremely vulnerable places, pains, anguishes, and agonies. I took them so seriously and kept them close to my heart, so I described them with my utmost honesty. Few readers may turn my book away because they may feel too difficult to see a raw and honest Self – mine and theirs. But I believe an answer for all of us is in my book; how we see ourselves through how I was and what I experienced. A suffering and pain hold the very seed and an answer for a path of enlightenment.


“There is a beautiful sense of introspection throughout this work that makes it feel like a spiritual reflection on the author’s journey and the growth she undertook along the way. It is a deeply meditative memoir made possible by author Kyomi O’Connor’s willingness to be emotionally vulnerable and her graceful wisdom in reflecting on the events of her life with the benefit of hindsight. Her prose effortlessly encourages readers to invest emotionally in the author’s life, and there are many lessons imparted throughout the journey that readers can – and should – take away and implement in their own lives. Overall, A Sky of Infinite Blue is a book written with no small degree of bravery, but the risk taken has paid out handsomely as it has resulted in a moving and insightful memoir. I cannot imagine someone reading it from cover to cover without feeling moved and enlightened by the experience.” –Readers’ Favorite, Five stars

“Quiet, meditative, and graceful, the memoir A Sky of Infinite Blue intertwines a spiritual journey with the personal pursuit of freedom…. A Sky of Infinite Blue stands as a testament to the power of self-examination and spiritual practice.”

– Foreword Reviews, Five stars

“An engaging and poignant immigrant account with sharp, sincere, and tenderly insightful writing.” –Kirkus Reviews

AUTHOR PROFILE: Kyomi O’Connor, a childhood emotional abuse survivor, moved to the States from Japan in February 1990 to work as a post-doctoral researcher at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. Soon, she fell in love with her husband-to-be, Patrick. His unconditional love helped her heal the old wounds. Their journey together led them to change their careers, move to San Diego, and practice Buddhism. They grew spiritually together and became leaders in their Buddhist community and inseparable partners through the many hardships they faced together. Patrick fell ill in the summer of 2013 with the diagnosis of stage IV metastatic melanoma in the brain and passed away three years later on July 4, 2016. After his death, writing helped Kyomi rediscover light in her life. These days, she spends her time writing (she’s an active writer online at Medium), practicing yoga and Qi Gong, cooking, traveling, and taking photographs. Kyomi lives in San Diego with her two cats, Tommy and Omi.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: Kyomi sincerely wishes readers, who visit her most vulnerable places in the book, to feel they are not alone, and encouraged to bring out their courage a little and heal Self altogether. Kyomi believes we all are in love and light behind and inside all the sufferings. Please take time for ourselves to heal and love.

Kyomi continues to write a book, and poems and essays on MEDIUM (which readers can find on the Blog pages on her Webpage: https://kyomioconnor.com/ )


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Chapter 23 –Septic Shock


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