Percivious: Escape

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THE BOOK: Percivious: Escape

: 2022

THE AUTHORS:  J.J. Cook and A.J. Cook

: AJ JJ Publishing

SUMMARY: Every day, society seems to step closer and closer to becoming a world straight out of a dystopian novel. Throughout the series, the Percivious trilogy has pushed against this path by showing the world a more utopian route that can be followed to take better care of the planet and all those who live on it. Through its rigorously-researched, scientifically-plausible plotlines to the trilogy’s selfless core, husband-and-wife author duo JJ Cook & AJ Cook, M.D., have worked to create an affecting chronicle that brings compassion to turbulent times.

The final installment of the Percivious trilogy, Percivious Escape [Girl Friday Productions, November 8, 2022] brings a satisfying and dramatic resolution to this gripping series. In book one, Percivious Insomnia, readers were introduced to an otherworldly mystery that could completely unravel civilization — an insomnia pandemic with no discernible cause, or cure. As this inexplicable pandemic continues to tighten its grip on society, readers take a journey through space and time in book two, Percivious Origins, to discover another species that once called Earth home. The XYZ live in abundance and value shared knowledge and emotional connection above all else after being forced to leave Earth millions of years ago. But after failing to find a new planet to inhabit and their ship taking severe damage, they are forced to return to their ancestral home, setting into motion events for which there will be an unfathomable price to pay.

: JJ: About ten years ago it struck me. I said to A.J. Cook, “Wouldn’t it be an interesting premise for a book, if someone (or something) was able to exploit your sleep hours. The one thing that still remains ours/uninterrupted (for the most part)”. I didn’t know it at the time, but a trilogy was hanging in the balance as I waited for his reply. As it turned out he loved the idea and the premise for Percivious was conceived. It was interesting because we had been working on Percivious Insomnia on and off over a seven-year period. So, to be launching its release just as a real pandemic took hold was errie, it was unbelievable. I remember working on the book trailer and saying to AJ Cook, “Do you think we should use the term pandemic, it seems so dramatic, perhaps epidemic is better?”. In the end we decided upon pandemic with absolutely no clue as to what was to unfold and how it would impact our daily lives. On one hand it made the novel very relevant, and it absolutely did influence the description of the insomnia pandemic in the trilogy, especially throughout the writing of Percivious Escape. However, the mystery or the cause behind our insomnia pandemic results in a much different outcome than what we experienced with Covid, therefore what we ended up with was a true to life fictional pandemic but with more devastating consequences.

WHY THIS TITLE?: We coined the term Percivious and its meaning is as follows:

Percivious (per-siv-e-us)


The ultimate in altruism. Self-sacrifice in order to benefit others with no regard to reward or reciprocity.

The XYZ of the Percivious Trilogy were the dominant life form on earth 280 million years before the origin of homo sapiens. They are an advanced species that eliminated the need for violence and warfare on an evolutionary level. We drew inspiration from some surprising real-life sources to create their origin story. They are decedents of cetaceans, rather than primates, and we spent countless hours researching whales to develop how the species may have advanced on land. Percivious is the code by which the XYZ of our trilogy live in accordance with.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? Our trilogy technically falls into sci-fi however, it has been described as genre defying and includes elements of sci-fi, mystery, thriller, action, horror, and romance throughout. We don’t live in one genre and we both feel strongly that our story should not be contained to one either. We set out to write a novel that would appeal to many readers, all ages and both genders, hypothesizing that if we wrote it in one voice, together, it would be a richer story that would reach a broader audience. And recently we received one of the greatest compliments from a die-hard romance fan who told us, “I would never have dreamt I would be a sci-fi fan until read your novel!”. The other thing that sets our apocalyptic sci-fi trilogy apart is that it is uplifting and utopian, rather than dystopian. It is our hope that readers will discover how characters in the story choose to come together and take care of each other and apply this to their own lives.


“The Cooks’ impressive SF medical thriller … overflows with intriguing ideas.” — Publishers Weekly.

“Invested readers will be kept up at night waiting for more. An intelligent SF tale with a high-stakes big pharma backdrop and skillful character development.” – Kirkus

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: J J Cook’s background in marketing across a spectrum of industries—technology, finance, and the arts—brings insight and depth to characters spanning an array of disciplines, ages, countries, and cultures.

A J Cook, MD’s current role as a pediatric urologist and director of fellowship education at the Alberta Children’s Hospital has allowed him the opportunity to author and contribute to numerous published studies and hone his writing skills, while his experience as a surgeon—as well as the relationships he’s developed with his young patients and their guardians—has contributed credibility and realism to the narrative. 


PRICE: $25.95

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