A Brother’s Peace

THE BOOK: A Brother’s Peace.


THE AUTHOR: Jan G. Linn.

THE EDITOR: James Clois Smith, Jr.

THE PUBLISHER: Sunstone Press

SUMMARY: The story of the Strange family of Castle Cove, North Carolina is about every family that has struggled to cope with one of its own caught in the jaws of addiction. No two members of the family confront the circumstances trying to tear them apart in the same way. Yet each plays an essential role in ensuring that the ineffable bond of love that connects them to one another remains intact. You will laugh and cry as you read about a likeable Sonny Strange heading down the rabbit hole of alcoholism while his clergy brother, Sydney, tries to save him from himself. The conflict between them is as subtle as it is real, hiding in plain sight until Sydney realizes the turmoil he feels is as much inside himself as it is between him and Sonny. In the midst of events leading the Strange family story to a tragic, albeit healing end, the reader encounters life in Castle Cove that serves as a reminder of the days when racial segregation dehumanized black Americans throughout the South while whites took it for granted. Sydney has a chance encounter with a childhood friend that awakens him to a stunning awareness of his own unconscious white privilege that makes him question why his African American colleague and closest friend would want to stay with their relationship.

A Brother’s Peace is a portrayal of the demands of truth and the resilience of hope that allows its readers to experience the power of storytelling at its best.

THE BACK STORY: I wrote this book because my goal throughout my writing life has been directed toward writing a novel. Nineteen non-fiction published books later, I finally achieved that goal. My wife and I being sheltered down during the pandemic offered time for me to pull out a manuscript draft I had written 25 years ago and A Brother’s Peace is the result.

WHY THIS TITLE? The title is sort of a “a double entendre” for the reader to figure out.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? I think what I said in the Preface summarizes why I think people will enjoy reading this story: “I loved writing every word you will read in these pages and take great satisfaction in being able to share this family saga with you. Despite the twists and turns, ups and downs weaving through every chapter, from beginning to end I had one simple goal, to tell a story that holds your attention and when you are finished makes you feel like the time it took to read it was worth every minute. I can only hope that will be true for you.”

The book also includes a Reader’s Guide that is perfect for books clubs. The questions help facilitate discussion without controlling it.

REVIEW COMMENTS: A couple of early reviews: (1) “One of those books you have to keep reading. It’s so easy to see bits of yourself, and others, in the characters. I don’t usually read a book a second time, but this one I will.” (2) “Great story about three brothers and their experiences during their lives. Lots to discuss for book clubs, study groups and churches. Book touches on family life, alcoholism, race relations, and many other relevant issues within a riveting story narrative. I couldn’t put it down.”

AUTHOR PROFILE “All my previous books have been part of my professional and academic life. I hope they have contributed to my fields of academic study and professional career as a teacher and minister, but this book marks a turn in a new direction, from non-fiction researched based writing to the world of imagination that is the stuff of fiction. I have always considered myself a writer who did other things. Writing this novel is a confirmation of that sense of vocation. Using my imagination to create fictional characters that come alive in the story as if they are real people is truly the most satisfying writing I have ever done. I still write articles that address contemporary political and religious issues from a progressive perspective through my blog, ‘Thinking Against the Grain’ (linnposts.com). In regard to books, though, novels will be my only focus going forward.”

SAMPLE: Please see my Amazon page about the book at: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=jan+linn+a+brothers+peace&crid=ZYKTNGPW8UQO&sprefix=a+brother%27s+peace%2Caps%2C141&ref=nb_sb_ss_pltr-ranker-acceptance_2_17

WHERE TO BUY IT: A Brother’s Peace is available at all local bookstores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online outlets.

PRICE: $24.9

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: janlinn45@gmail.com

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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