THE BOOK: Betrayal.


THE ABetrayalUTHOR: Sharon Brownlie.

SUMMARY: Helen King’s childhood was thwarted by abuse and rejection. At the age of fourteen she runs away to Gloucester. Unfortunately she is found by the local pimp, Addie Davies, who lures her into a life of drugs and prostitution. Helen uses the drug addiction as way to blank out the memories and enable her to hide the psychological scarring caused by those that had hurt and betrayed her. She knows that her life has to change it had become a never ending vicious circle, a circle that had no beginning and no end. Helen’s decision to quit her addiction comes at a time when she has a chance encounter with an old school teacher. This opens up old wounds that had remained hidden and festering deep within her. It also leads to her decision that it is time for payback for all those that she felt had betrayed her.

Bitter and twisted, Helen heads to Edinburgh to begin her killing spree. She wants her victims to suffer for their betrayal. Helen makes sure that they know why they are about to be killed. Even as she kills her first victim, Helen’s mind is racing ahead to the next one on her list.

THE BACK STORY: I read a non- fiction book called Never a Hero to Me by Tracy Black. I was moved by her story and wanted to get revenge back for her. So you could say the book was the research. I used Edinburgh as I know the location very well so no need for research there, just knowledge of the locale. I did use the Scottish tongue for some characters but kept it so readers can understand it.

WHY THIS TITLE: Because Helen felt all the people she needed had turned their backs on her.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: Betrayal is a dark, gritty, thought provoking and hard hitting novel. It addresses problems of how sexual abuse can be neglected or shelved away. The main character, Helen looks at herself as a survivor of abuse but a victim of others’ betrayal. Sexual abuse is always a difficult subject and rightly or wrongly, Helen addresses the issue.

If you liked Stieg Larson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Betrayal might be a good choice.


5 Stars. “I love murder/crime/thriller stories, so grabbing this on Kindle Unlimited took no thought. From the very first pages I got sucked in. The writing was not filled with flowery drivel explaining every last detail. It was a hard-hitting, intense yet realistic read. Helen suffered from childhood and continued in a downward spiral, blaming everyone who did not intervene–including her teacher, her mother and a social worker. She goes on a rampage taking control of her life and pain with revenge. The back and forth banter of the characters and the down and dirty topics made this a riveting read. I loved the writing style that used a lot of dialogue without pages and pages of boring narrative — Rhoda D’Ettoreon, ByFiction.

5 Stars. “In a dark and unrelentingly bleak portrait of violence, abuse, struggle and vengeance we are given a picture of a cycle that continues to feed the machinery of human trafficking. While authors such as Stieg Larson in his trilogy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gave us a painful, and in many ways over-the-top view of this, Sharon Brownlie puts us on a collision course with reality. The author gives us a character, Helen, who is entirely who and what she seems to be. Her struggles, limitations and decisions are not ones that involve some improbable skills or resources. Helen is entirely consistent with her reality and follows an evolution that for the reader is compelling. For the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo fans this will be a good choice, but be aware you are shifting gears and this story takes a more personal turn that explores the characters in depth. — View From Inside, by Valon.

5 Stars. “Helen has hit rock bottom. She’s addicted to drugs, and she makes the money she needs for heroin through prostitution. It’s an endless and destructive cycle. At age twenty, after six years in the life, she decides to make definitive changes. Helen is waiting for her dealer when she recognizes a voice from her past. It’s Miss Gloria Bryson, Helen’s former English teacher. Helen dwells on her past treatment. Her father and his friends, a social worker, and of course Miss Bryson fill her thoughts. She’s ready to make various other people pay for their role in her predicament. Detective Inspector Belinda Brennan is a woman trying to advance in a male-dominated profession. When she’s assigned a murder by garrote to investigate, she has no idea where the investigation will take her. Sharon Brownlie takes the reader into a shadowy, gritty world. Her writing style brings that world to life. Betrayal makes a mark on the reader, leading him or her to think about the story and characters long after finishing the boojk. — Jada Rykerson.

4 Stars. Helen’s drama is depressing but, sadly, all too realistic. She was abused and overlooked by those who could have helped. Still, she makes an honest effort to regain her life and self-respect. Her move begins with hope, and I found myself cheering for Helen. Previously a victim, she’s finally taken control of her life and made an attempt to improve it. Helen is an awesome character, somebody I truly felt sorry for and cheered throughout the novel. This novel is great for readers who want a story of trial and hope. — Maria.

AUTHOR PROFILE: I am currently residing on the Costa Del Sol of Spain. I left the UK some years ago. There really wasn’t a reason for the move… I guess I just get itchy feet every so often. Probably because my father was in the army and we traveled a lot, never really putting roots down anywhere. I returned to education, as all the travelling had an adverse effect on my schooling. My chosen degree was History. Eventually I graduated in 2006 with History MA Hons and went on to do a PGCE. My work history is so diverse and ranges from cleaning offices to tutoring and teaching adults. Life here in Spain is slow paced and relaxed, an ideal place to do what I love best… write. I do, however, miss family and friends back in the UK. I am a proud grandmother to twins, James and Rebecca, and their older sister Melissa.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: “Some people may feel uncomfortable with reading/dealing with child abuse but I feel it was handled well in Betrayal, and there is nothing graphic portraying it (the abuse itself). I didn’t set out to make people feel uncomfortable, and I want readers to enjoy the story.”



PRICE: Paperback $9.63 £6.46, Kindle $3.03 £1.99. However, there is a promo set for the 19th of June @ 0.99c and 0.99p.



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