Showing Up


THE BOOK: Showing Up


THE AUTHOR:  Eric West

THE EDITOR: Fred DuBose – Reader’s Digest

THE PUBLISHER: Publication Printers, Denver, CO

SUMMARY: Seeing Mt. Everest was Eric West’s dream. It wasn’t on his bucket list… it was his dream. In 2011, he arrived in Nepal armed with nothing more than a mindset he called Showing Up. Showing Up seemed to change his luck; the more he was present, the luckier he became. He would see Mt. Everest (and eventually go on to climb it), meet true love, and change his destiny forever, all within moments of each other. How could this possibly happen? Embedded in that question lies the simplicity and potency of Showing Up.

West’s adventures began as a college exchange student in London, England. He went on to become a school teacher in Tokyo, Japan. Later as a captain in the billion dollar mega-yacht industry, he visited exotic destinations via luxury yachts most landlubbers only saw on the cover of glossy travel magazines. But his dream was to one day visit Mt. Everest. Armed with no climbing experience, he showed up in Nepal. Within days he met a Dutch climbing guide he would later marry. Their high-altitude romance set in motion plans to climb the flanks of Everest together the following year.

Showing up book coverTHE BACK STORY: Writes West: “The book was written to serve as the centerpiece for speaking events: Keynotes, corporate events, motivation speeches. Penning the book was a chance to share the Showing Up message with a global audience; Your dreams are important. Your dreams deserve your time. Nothing takes the place of your presence. And Showing Up works. The initial research and layout ideas for the book came after an online and telephone interview with Dutch climbing star Eveline Wessels. This interview gave me insight to the inner workings and preparation that build and support a Mt. Everest expedition.”

WHY THIS TITLE?: Showing Up was chosen for the title because Just Do It was already taken.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: Showing Up takes the reader around the world, from ocean crossings on luxury yachts to the flanks of Mt. Everest and Denali, hitchhiking through Japan and an unforgettable night with the Grateful Dead. Plus a truly motivational message that anyone can accomplish anything. This book is a true non-fiction hybrid. Showing Up is one of a kind.


By Christina Thirkell on May 26, 2015

Showing Up was different than any book I’ve read to date. Loved the author’s writing style, and how he weaves his experiences together and how his “Showing Up” style determined his future. This is more than about climbing Mt. Everest… it’s about taking risks with simplicity. Anyone can apply the Showing Up philosophy. Great time to add to your summer beach reading list!

By Eric Kissel on May 19, 2015

Quick read of not just an Everest story, but a new spin on the motivational and self-help genre. West tells a collection of great stories from his lifetime and shows you how you can learn to “Show Up” and improve your life. Everyone can take something away and apply it to either their personal life, professional life, or educational life.

By David Hoffmanon March 4, 2015

Great read! the book is a series of short stories tied together in a neat package. I especially enjoyed learning about the mountain climbing and sailing aspects all the while enthralled by the story line. Eric hits a home run with his first book. I highly recommend it.

AUTHOR PROFILE: Eric West is an author, adventurer, and professional speaker. He lives in Denver, CO.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: “I’ve never been one to follow rulebooks. After all, who knows more about my dreams and a path to their realization than me? I came to believe my presence was a foolproof plan for unimaginable success. I eventually gave my mindset a name… I called it Showing Up. But was I wrong to pin my hopes on an idea so simple? Or was I on to something big… Mt. Everest big? Now I speak to audiences of all ages and backgrounds about the answer to that question.”

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Chapters 7 and 8 are great sample chapters.

WHERE TO BUY IT: Amazon (paperback and ebook).

PRICE: $16.99 paperback $9.99 ebook

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: or learn more at or

Call Eric West directly at 619-829-6942.

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