Secret Fire

THE BOOK: Secret Fire.


THE AUTHOR: Dennis Young


THE PUBLISHER: The first four novels were published through iUniverse. The compendiums were published through Amazon Createspace.

SUMMARY:  A land forged from the fires of strife, blood of heroes, and touch of the gods. Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine to shape the course of elven and human history within. With family relationships and blood-oaths taking precedence over all, The Ardwellian Chronicles offer stirring tales of high adventure and challenges testing the mettle of the bravest souls and spirits.

WHY THIS TITLE? All the titles have relationships to the books. For example, in Secret Fire, this refers to several things: Sheynon Calidriil’s desire to fulfill a quest put before him; his growing love for a half-elf maiden; the Priestess Kaanan’s vision of a great challenge to come and how she can aid her Faith in coping with it. Things like that. I think most book titles have at least some connection with the stories they represent.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: High adventure, relatable characters, strong female protagonists AND antagonists. A continuing saga that eventually will cover nearly one hundred years and three generations.

REVIEW COMMENTS: I have a handful of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, and a lot of great feedback from readers whom I’ve spoken to at conventions, book signings, and other events.

AUTHOR PROFILE: You can find my profile on my website or my Amazon Author page

I have a series called The Ardwellian Chronicles, epic fantasy adventure with continuing characters. The series focuses mainly on three families and members thereof. Currently I have the first four novels complete and published, and I’m working on number five. There will be six novels total in the series and seven compendiums, of which two are complete.

Book One – Secret Fire; Book Two – Dark Way of Anger; Book Three – Secrets of the Second Sun; Kaanan’s Way;  irst Compendium – Blades of Alliance: The Thirteen Swords of Power; Second Compendium – Champions: The Heroes of Ardwel

AUTHOR COMMENTS: My stories are about people; unique and gifted people, yes, but they still have their failings and their blind spots. They’re “human”, to put it simply, and this shows itself at the most inopportune times in some cases. And not only does this pertain to the protagonists, but the antagonists as well. No one is perfect. Some are so far from it, they become their own worst enemy.

SAMPLE CHAPTER:From Book Five, Blood Secret.

Words as brash, impetuous, and foolhardy were used with a smile to describe Kaul, by those whom he had on occasion called friends, or at the least, tolerated as accomplices. Once he had been told only when those around you speak in taunting, are you accepted. Too many times, therefore, Kaul may have taken taunting as a challenge, and soon enough even the bravest of acquaintances found their exit from his company.

Kaul’s ancestry was never known, yet even he knew in the past lay human, Drow, and orcish blood, and he dimly recalled his mother, a slave of the name Sabina. How he had come to Ardwel was a tale unto itself; of murder, kidnapping, and escape, of blood and vengeance taken, the taste of hot flesh in his mouth, the first time he had killed with his own hands.

Then flight from the cold uncompromising north, far beyond the mountains where the lair of the great dragon Ancanar was said to be. Into the fertile lands of city-states and elven villages, of humans in their multitudes and colors, of petty thieves who had no courage for the highways or the soldiers flying banners. Far too tame was this land for Kaul, and he drifted east, to the great Black Forest and the home of Drow.

Drow… dark elves, of which he could be counted as a part, though his countenance was as none they had ever seen. Larger, stronger, callous in a way Drow disregarded, nearly without discipline or conscience, even soldiers stood apart, for Kaul would not hear the words of leaders, and for many moons scratched the welts of punishment that lay across his back.

Then came a messenger, from Modennethra, a House grand in the hierarchy, and an offer of a meeting with one called Skaan. She was lithe and not without a bit of interest, and before they parted he had taken what she offered. The pleasures of her flesh, for one, a promise of a place within the House for another, yet for a service. Never were the Drow known to host an offer without return, given and in full.

Something there had happened; in Reena’s travel to the human place, Drakenmoore, she had returned not her own self, and never again did Skaan see her in that light. Reena, now serving the Dark Princess, had become but a servant, not the concubine of Archane, which Skaan would with gladness have accepted. In simple words, Reena no longer was herself, and no matter Skaan’s position in the House of Modennethra, no matter favors promised to the leaders there, she could not learn the truth of it. And so began the plotting of her way, to seek Reena’s release, but would need of allies she could… if not trust, then control. Allies who owed none of allegiance to Archane.

And after all, Skaan was a great assassin… and held the ways of arts Archane knew nothing of.

Kaul became her bodyguard, and served many years of faithful duty, rising even to the notice of Archane herself, and offered a position in her entourage, to the dismay of Skaan.


Plans change with circumstance, and Skaan soon grasped this was the way to Archane’s heart. Not in lust or desire, or even, hardly ever know by Drow, that of love. But with a keen, dark dagger, deep between those breasts Reena had been so fond of.

Came the time and opportunity, yet in heartbeats it all fell to ruin. Heartbeats that were Skaan’s last, as her own life came to end when she thought it to be Archane’s final day within the world. And Kaul’s part, broken by a seer said to be older than the Dark Princess, left him naked, not only of the flesh, but to the wrath of guards and servitors, damning words and gestures falling on him as he ran. Barely he had escaped, running through the corridors with an army in pursuit, and burst beyond the caverns of Ung’gu’wi, the night cool and misty, and ran, if not for his life, then it was a close thing.

And thereafter he was hunted, shunned by Drow and humankind, and only then did Kaul understand, trust was never full, and only by his own hand would he ever be a king.

LOCAL OUTLETS: My books are available in various book stores in the Midwest, and I also have copies available for direct sales to prospective readers.

WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: You can find my books on and Barnes and

PRICE: The novels are in the twenty-dollar range, 6” x 9” trade paperback, averaging about 450 pages, and the compendiums are in the twenty-five dollar range, 8-1/2” x 11” soft cover, full color illustrations, about 125 pages.


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