Santa in a Snow Globe

Amy Holman EdelmanTHE BOOK: Santa in a Snow Globe.



THE EDITOR:  Grace Spampinato.


SUMMARY: Santa in a Snow Globe is the original story of how and why St. Nick will be found sitting “in a place that it clear and quite round” when families come to share their wish lists with him this holiday season. As told (by Santa) to author AH Edelman and illustrated with inclusiveness by Serge Gall, Santa in a Snow Globe offers a starting point for grownups to talk about life’s new realities — including climate change, the Coronavirus and BLM protests — with their kids. Relayed straightforwardly by Santa, who shares his recent observations and offers some timeless advice, the story includes some hard truths but concludes with a big dose of Christmas cheer.

THE BACK STORY: I got the idea for Santa in a Snow Globe while reading a story in the business section of the Sunday New York Times about how the coronavirus was expected to adversely affect retail this holiday season. The president of the International Brotherhood of the Real Bearded Santas (yes Virginia, it is a real trade group) mentioned how they were kicking around the idea of telling kids that this year Santa would need to sit behind some type of clear barrier that they would describe as a snow globe (evidently he’s in a high risk group: most have diabetes, are overweight and are elderly). Being a long-time believer in Santa and miracles in general, I thought I would try and pull something together. Although I’ve written and traditionally published two books (in 1997 and 2007) I knew there wasn’t enough time to publish this book that way because of the long lead time required. I actually wrote Santa in a few weeks (at one point I was dreaming in rhyme) and my great friend Serge Gall (who has had his work featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times and Esquire) kept pace and did the beautiful illustrations. Once I got rolling, I thought it made sense to include other issues that will certainly impact kids at some point, including climate change, protests (both Black Lives Matter and climate change-related) and species extinction. As the mother of two children I thought it was important.

WHY THIS TITLE?: Please see above.

WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? What makes Santa in a Snow Globe unique is that it’s the first book to put into words and pictures what a visit to Santa will look like in 2020 and what we should be thinking and doing moving forward to ensure that 2021 is a better year. As far as what niche audiences it might reach, although it was written with younger kids in mind, it’s the parents who will most likely be reading it to them. And frankly I don’t think it will hurt to have grown-ups understand that we (meaning humans) have problems on our hands that are going to impact our children. And while some have said the book might be a bit too dark (ie truthful) it is also very hopeful (that’s where Santa and Christmas spirit comes in).


“‘Santa in a Snow Globe’ by A. H. Edelman—the author of ‘The Little Black Dress’ and ‘Manless in Montclair’—is a classic Kris Kringle-themed tale with a timely, modern message of hope.” – James W, Amazon Vine Voice.

“Santa in a Snow Globe is a charming picture book that teaches children about compassion and kindness.” —Laura M, Amazon Vine Voice.

“Proving that kindness and compassion are still the most important things in this world. This children’s book offers a very accessible and adorable take at how Santa might teach children all over the world how to stay safe in this ‘new normal’ that we find ourselves in.” – Hannah, Amazon.

“Santa in a Snow Globe abounds in positive reinforcement by offering morals and values that teach children how to make the best out of any circumstance in life. Key messages addressed to children include being courageous in the face of any perceived fear, increased awareness of the importance to care for our planet, remembering to be grateful and to give thanks for our blessings, encouragement for keeping a positive attitude even when things may seem challenging, a call for the unification for peace amongst the human race, and my favorite part is when Santa sheds his light on the aspect of gift-giving and receiving as more than merely a materialistic exchange. – Stephanie, Amazon.

AUTHOR PROFILE: Well the fact is I’m a Jewish girl whose favorite holiday has always been Christmas. Even though I’ve suffered through some hardships in life (who hasn’t?) I still believe in happy endings. I’ve seen the movie Elf at least two dozen times (it’s a holiday tradition to watch with my husband and two girls) and I still cry at the end. I’ve written two books, The Little Black Dress (Simon & Schuster, 1997) and Manless in Montclair (Crown, 2007). Even though I’ve been lucky enough to have started two successful businesses my proudest accomplishment is my two children.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: Frankly, it’s hard to be an optimist with all that’s going on in the world today. I believe in climate change, equal rights for all, that Black Lives Matter, that what a woman does with her own body should be her choice and protecting the earth and the species who co-exist with us. I am a proud liberal who thinks a person’s worth should not be determined by how much money they make but by how they treat others. In one way or another most of these beliefs are expressed in Santa in a Snow Globe. As far as what I hope to accomplish, that’s where my realist side kicks in. I’d love for my book to change the world, but I know that won’t happen. I’d be happy if it makes one person—adult or child—see the world in a different way (Christmas miracles and all that).


Santa thought for a moment before starting to speak.
A rosy glow spread from his ears to his cheeks.
“The one thing that’s constant is change,” he declared.
“And sometimes that’s frightening, but there’s no need to be scared.”

Watchung Booksellers, Montclair, NJ
Montclair Book Center, Montclair, NJ.

WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: website (for hardcover copies) Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. I’m hoping for wider distribution in independent bookstores next year when there’s more time to order it.

eBook – $2.99
Paperback – $12.99
Hardback $17.

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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  1. This books sounds very good and relevant to today’s issues. Best of luck with the book. Adding this one to my list. Thanks!


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