Herman and the Princess Gull

THE BOOK: Herman and the Princess Gull

PUBLISHED IN: 11/02/21

THE AUTHOR: Captain Lew Maurer

THE ILLUSTRATOR: Candace Camling

THE PUBLISHER: Compass Rose Press

SUMMARY:  Beautifully illustrated, the story begins with Herman, a hermit crab who longs to explore the ocean and beach but is too afraid. When a weak Heermann’s Gull named Antares appears, Herman risks his life to help her eat and regain her strength. They soon become friends and Antares saves him from hungry snapper fish and gives him protection to explore. When Antares is strong again, she returns to her family across the sea, but not before helping Herman find a protective shell that gives him the freedom to continue his island adventures.

Heerman and the Princess Gull introduces themes of friendship, survival, and compassion. Intended for children from three to eight, the educational backstory pages include a glossary of the cast of characters. Marine photography further depicts the illustrations and explains the scientific concepts in ways that readers of all ages will understand. 

THE BACK STORY: Herman and the Princess Gull was inspired by a true event on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica, twenty years ago. While I was out surfing, my girlfriend Debbie discovered a hermit crab hiding under some seaweed. The poor crab had no shell for protection, so the hunt was on, and we eventually found an empty shell that was just the right size. It was heartwarming to see him crawl into the shell and we put him on the sand to join his friends.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: Except for the relationship between Herman and Antares, the cast of characters’ behavior is quite factual. Herman is a lonely hermit crab who has no shell to protect him from predators, and he has one large claw. Antares is a Heerman’s Gull that is indeed more beautiful than the Herring Gulls and a better flier. Herring Gulls are the bully’s of the waterfront, fighting and screeching all the time over food. The snappers are night stalkers, exactly as depicted when Herman falls in the late afternoon. 

I considered making the illustrations with a whimsical touch, but after a lifetime love affair with the sea and all its creatures, I wanted to share the real beauty of my world with my young readers. In truth, it is impossible to improve on Mother Nature.



PRICE: $24.99 Hardcover


Learn more at Lew’s wesbite: https://compassrosepressusa.com/herman/

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