Whispers in the Attic

THE BOOK: Whispers in thCheryl Alsippie Attic


THE AUTHOR: Cheryl Alsippi

THE EDITOR: Olivia Swenson. Working with her was a delight. She was professional, prompt with returns and always accessible. Olivia guided this first-time author painlessly through what could have been a difficult process. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/olivia-swenson/3a/257/685

PUBLISHER: Word Association Publishers

SUMMARY: Life for Claire Swenson is good. She is a college girl with a wonderful boyfriend, a job, and a new roommate. It’s all a girl could want—until the moment she first sees the beautiful young woman with auburn hair and oddly out-of-date clothing standing outside of her apartment building.

Whispers in the Attic unfolds with the delicacy of soft, dense fog creeping in from the sea. Claire, though perplexed by the sight of the young woman—whom no one else seems to notice—has never given serious thought to the supernatural. Even growing up near Salem, Massachusetts, with its witch trial legacy failed to interest her in the paranormal in any serious way. But something has been unleashed and now forces are coming to bear upon Claire that she will not be able to resist.

A breathy voice very close to her ear whispered, “Help me, Claire.”

The decades old mystery brought forth from the spirit world through the young woman with the auburn hair will only be unraveled through the combined efforts of Claire and Mary, the spirit who is seeking her help.

Chilling dreams, visions and voices guide Claire to clues to help in her efforts to free Mary’s spirit from the evil that holds her.

THE BACK STORWhispers in the AtticY: After years of paranormal research and personal experiences as a paranormal investigator, I felt it was finally time to take what I had learned and do something creative with it. In 2010, I began a creative writing course which, after much self-doubt, stumbles, more self-doubt, and probably one thousand (slight exaggeration) rewrites, culminated in the published version of Whispers in the Attic. It is a fictional story but most of the ghostly activity and details I have experienced personally.

WHY THIS TITLE: My choice of title is maybe not the most inventive reasoning out there. A major scene—a pivotal point when Claire decides she can no longer avoid or deny that the persistent spirit activity is truly happening—takes place in her grandmother’s attic.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: Most people, whether they believe in ghosts or not, are curious about them. Whispers in the Attic poses the questions and offers the answers to anyone who has ever wondered what happens when the spirit world and the natural world collide.


“Cheryl creates a story that brings you just a little closer to the paranormal. Really makes you think about your  onnection with those who have gone before you. And I love the little dog.” — Olivia Earnshaw

“I finished Whispers in the Attic on New Year’s Eve. I loved it! It had suspense, interest, romance, mystery and excitement. You did a great job and I really enjoyed reading it.” — Carol L.

“I find your book very interesting. I can relate to so many things dealing with the paranormal aspect. Kind of creepy in a way! LOL! Good job!” — Al B. (ghost researcher/hunter)

AUTHOR PROFILE: Cheryl Alsippi enjoys life in Western Pennsylvania with her husband Joe and their family. She is a Ghost Researcher and Paranormal Investigator who draws from her personal experiences with the supernatural for details while writing. She teaches after death communication and ghost hunting classes.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: “Ever since I was a child, I was interested in books about mysteries and ghosts—anything with a supernatural flair. That interest carried through into adulthood and prompted me to choose the paranormal and
supernatural fields as the genre for my writing.


WHERE TO BUY IT: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Word Association Publishing

PRICE: $14.95 paperback; $9.99 ebooks

CONTACT THE AUTHOR: Website: http://www.cherylalsippi.com
/ Facebook:

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Recently retired after 35 years with the News & Advance newspaper in Lynchburg, VA, now re-inventing myself as a novelist/nonfiction writer and writing coach in Lake George, NY.

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